Got a stay at home job! Do training next Tuesday! Get to be the Case Manager for my old boss for her Metabolic Mapping. Work from home. Encourage and work with patients on her website. So excited! Got to see it come full circle from an idea to a reality! I get to encourage all these people and educate them and all from home!!

Miko J 2 likes


JVP 1 like

Congratulations!! :D

Baby M 1 like

I have never been able to find an RN job from home in my area. Lucky. Congrats!👏👏

Ruth A 1 like

Yay congratulations 😃

Margaret T 1 like

Congrats!!!!! A true blessing!!!!

Irasema Y 2 likes

I dont know why this sounds like a scam! Sorry 😆😜

V R 1 like

That's great! I hope I find a work from home gig someday.

Jane S 1 like


KiKi B 1 like


Tay B 1 like


Elizabeth H 1 like

Congrats wish I could find something like that

Tonya H 4 likes

No worries. Not a scam. Worked for her for four years before I had back surgery. Helped her create this program. Finally get to help run it now! Did training today. Finish on Tuesday. Already starting to work with patients! So excited!!

Damien's Mom 1 like

Very happy for you and your family!

Tonya H 0 likes

Thanks ladies! I am so excited I can barely see straight. My old boss kept saying she would do this but I never knew if she really would and now it's here! It's a nutrition program which I love and it is educating and motivating which I also love and I get to do it with my son. Feeling so incredibly blessed!!

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