Good place to get children's books.. Like the one that are hard , not paper. I'd also be like to spend $10 per book! Any ideas?

Brianna f 1 like

I've seen some at babies r us.

S M 1 like

Half Price Books. You can get at least 3-4 books there for $10.

K B 1 like

Go to thrift stores and you can get them cheaper then that

M D 1 like

Ross have some good book. But it's hit and miss

Monica S 1 like

Go to public library! Free and you ca take them out for 3 weeks and then renew them if you want

Kali G 1 like

I always go to thrift stores!! So much cheaper

Sam R 1 like

Dollarama had a few I picked up for $3 each!

NightOwl 1 like

Target! you can find them in the $1 $3 session

Mama D 1 like

Amazon has some good deals on books

Melissa G 1 like


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