What's a good formula that's for gassy babies? I'm coming off breast milk and I need a good one!!

Jo M 0 likes

Similar Advanced. It's a little pricey but the closest thing to breastmilk. And I noticed way less gassy/fussiness with my LO.

Jo M 0 likes

Similac **

Lesley G 3 likes

The purple one for colics and gas it's called gentle ease

Ethans M 3 likes

Enfamil gentlease. My son was super gassy and would get really fussy. I switched him to that and I seen results within 24hrs

Aprilbaby 0 likes

Similac sensitive

Jenny S 0 likes

Similac sensitive, I tried my LO on enfamil after breast feeding and it cramped her up and she didn't poop for 3 days so we went to similac then and she's been good since then.

Dominique M 0 likes

Similac Sensitive

Emily S 0 likes

Similac sensitive is good, for sensitive tummies. Gentlease was alright too but I liked Similac better.

Chelsea B 2 likes

Similac gentlease! My daughter does great on it!

N 0 likes

HIPP Organic from the UK. We order it thru Amazon

Clarissa O 1 like

Similac gentlease worked best for us when my lo went off of breast milk. You can sign up on the website and they sen you samples and checks to help with the cost.

Jenn W 0 likes

Gerber goodstart gentle was our savior. Similac seems very thick and caused my son to be constipated.

Erica M 1 like

Good start is what I use and love it. I found with similac it was thick and would constipate my babe.

Dana 0 likes

Herbert good start gentle

Dana 0 likes

Lol. Gerber.

Ketha L 0 likes

Enfamil gentle ease

Kara’s M 0 likes

Gentle ease. ( it works wonders) And try "Gerber Soothe"colic/gas drops

FirstTime M 0 likes

Gentlease my LO has been on it since 4 months after breastfeeding.

Tisha R 0 likes

My son when he was 1 month old he was very colicky so his Dr recommended him Enfamil gentlease its good for babies with gas problem.

Ashley W 0 likes

Thanks y'all!

Celeste S 0 likes

Enfamil gentlease :)

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