Going shopping for the nursery decor today. It's an ocean theme, I'm already getting fish stencils to paint on the wall. Any other ideas? šŸ¬šŸ³šŸ šŸŸšŸššŸ”šŸŒŠ

Samantha C 2 likes

I did a nautical theme! I wish I could post pics in the comment..I did oars, anchors and a life preserver on the wall. He has a light house and sailboats on his shelf. Found octopus and whale stuff animals.

Ronnie R 2 likes

Maybe a fishnet in the corner (not over the crib of course incase something does fall) and hot glue fish and pretty sea shells all over it

Ally B 1 like

We have a turtle lullaby projector and it is the best!!!! It is the best projector we ever owned (we owned four! Haha) It projects waved on the walls and ceiling: sooo pretty!!!

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