Getting ready to travel with my almost 4 month old. Really need a good baby carrier. Don't want to mess with a stroller in an airport and we would like one we can use in hikes and such . Any suggestions?

Erica M 1 like

Ergo baby carrier!

Chrysta P 1 like

Ergo! I love mine and so did my LO. We had the organic one which was super soft and flexible. Great back support too

Lauren C 1 like

Ergo or a ring sling

Alyssa D 1 like

Ergo baby for sure!!

Crystal H 0 likes

I tried every carrier imaginable with my baby and in the end the Ergo carrier was the only one she didn't throw a fit as soon as I put her in it. I like that it distributes her weight well since she's 20+lbs and likes to be held. I definitely recommend trying them out before buying though.

Teresa G 1 like

When she's a few months older u can look at the back pack carriers for hiking. My family loves to hike, from our research kelty pathfinder and dueter kid comfort are really great on trails. They usually go up to around 40-60 lbs, and have extra storage for hydration pack and diapers/wipes and baby items.

Mommyof3under3 2 likes

I actually prefer the stroller. I have flown cross country 4x with my daughter - when she was 4 months old, 6 mos, 12 months and 18 months. It was really great to put stuff in while in the airport and free'd my hands to move quickly, eat, use the bathroom. She was also able to sleep in it during layover.

Cassy D 0 likes

Ergo baby,some you can actually use on your back when they get older as well.they also have a cover for shade or rain .

Lauren @ 0 likes

I have a Happy Baby Wrap and really love it.

Lauren W 2 likes

I traveled a lot with my dd5 when she was a baby and I think you may want to bring a stroller. Some strollers that fold up with one hand are good for travel, and they really do come in handy when you are trying to contain all the little snacks, toys and clothes etc that you need to be able to grab when you travel, not to mention when they sleep. I left my stroller once when she was 7mo and just did the bjorn and it was so awful, I would never do it again.

Amy H 0 likes

Ergo!! Love it. Used it for my first for over a year and now using it for my second.

Caroline M 0 likes

I found the ergo baby carrier isn't quite as comfortable as the baby bjorn. The babies legs are straddled and I worried about hip problems with it. Hope that helps.

Lauren C 1 like This is a good article about the Bjorn.

J S 0 likes

Ergo is great but I echo others on the desire to have a stroller in the airport. So much to carry.

Tonisha T 0 likes

I have a Baby Hawk Mei Tai carrier and I love it!!! I prefer my carrier over a stroller most of the time because I like to be hands free

Jess C 0 likes

Ergo baby carrier is fantastic!!!

Jessica W 0 likes

We got an ergo to try. Thanks for all of your help. Hopefully little Harper likes it!

Kateryna L 0 likes

Beco Gemini is similar to Ergo baby, but you will have option facing forward

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