I was BF but changed to formula bc of complications & weve tried similac supplementation the kind the hospital gave us but that made him gassy & fussy & then switched to gerber soothe & it seemed to help but now he's projectile vomiting & now eating every other hour & acting like he's starving. I want to switch to gerber soy & thought about adding rice cereal to his formula. Does anybody have any experience with this? My baby is a week old.

Kristen S 0 likes

Only change one thing at a time. You want to be able to know what cause your baby to be sick. When we started using formula she projectile vomited on all of them except soy. Also talk with your pediatrician about when they want you to start other food besides formula.

Julia T 6 likes

I would give it some more time than just a week to make any meaningful decisions regarding to how to feed your baby. You have made too many changes for your new born baby in such a short period of time. Babies are getting used to the food they eat as well as start developing their digestive system. It all takes time.

Ashlei B 0 likes

I had similar issues but it wasn't until my LO was 6 weeks. I switched to similac soy and it helped but first try premaking the bottles. Let them sit in the fridge for a minimum of 4 hours to make sure all bubbles and air has settled. Then make sure your warming them to the right temp. Those things upset my LOs tummy and if I'd have known these I might not have had to switch. Heard good things about the similac spit up. If you were having issues BF due to lactose then soy might be your solution.

Carlene W 1 like

Your baby should be eating every other hour as well. LO has a very tiny tummy at just one week old.

Kayla W 0 likes

But should he be projectile vomiting almost everytime I burp him?

immortelle 0 likes

If he is projectile vomiting you might be overfeeding him. And he could have gas. If not he could have a legit medical issue and would need an ultrasound. Our LO projectile vomited twice and we brought her to the hospital (her ped works for a hospital) and they did a scan of her tummy to rule out that; forgot the name...but anyways she has gas and we kept feeding her Bcs she wanted it. Now we sit her for 20 min after meals, burp in the middle of her feeds and give her a bit of time to think if

immortelle 0 likes

She needs more or not before giving her more (rule of thumb try to burp every ounce or so) If your LO is vomiting more than twice a day you should go see the doc. Please keep in mind it is easy to over feed a baby when you are formula feeding. And if your LO is vomiting a lot, please check to make sure bb is having enough wet diapers. If not, your LO can be dehydrated from throwing up so much

Heather B 1 like

I wouldn't add rice yet. They need the nutrients from the formula more than the rice. Also at that age their bellies aren't ready to process it.

immortelle 1 like

Also it takes baby's stomach a week or so to adjust to each formula change so you might end up with a bb with an upset tummy, fussy bb or one that will go on strike :/ be careful not to switch too much in a short amount of time

Kayla 4 likes

If baby is a week old he probably shouldn't have rice cereal unless approved by pediatrician. I would contact your pediatrician if he is vomiting that much especially projectile. As others mentioned, a week old baby's digestive system isn't fully developed and very sensitive. Hope it gets better for him and you!

Nancy R 0 likes

Be careful go to the doctor mine had the same thing when he was 5 weeks I changed from Bf to enfamil and he began to vomit n then it was projectile vomit come to be he had pyloric stenosis and had to get surgery don't mean to scare you but just be on the safe side

Kristina H 0 likes

Switch to the ar formula. My son did the same thing.

Mommy To L 3 likes

He's only a week old so start with an ounce or two and do it every hour burp really really good every ounce. Your baby's tummy is still learning what to do. DO NOT do rice cereal your baby is wayyyy to young for that. Doctors don't recommend rice cereal in bottle unless for a reason that he needs it but he's way to young his system won't digest it. Keep trying start our little amounts and keep trying don't let him get dehydrated if it doesn't stop call doctor

TERESA W 0 likes

We had to switch to soy as well. We use Enfamil soy and remember it takes about a week once you switch for old stuff to get out of their system. It's hard on them to switch

S.A 0 likes

There is a big difference between projectile vomiting and just vomiting. Maybe your baby is overeating. When you make a change you need to give it time. Your baby spent almost 10 months drinking amniotic fluid and then all of a sudden starts drinking this foreign stuff out of a bottle. That's a huge change! Make one change and stick with it. Do not use rice cereal in a week old babys bottle.

S.A 0 likes

Maybe limit the volume your baby gets and then offer a pacifier. Babys have a natural need to suck. Maybe that's all he needs, but a lot of babies do want to eat every hour when they're new like that. Their tummies are sooooo tiny

Mommy Again 0 likes

Gerber soy was the way to go for my LO 😃 she's sensitive to milk.

Hailee R 0 likes

Same with my daughter , I switched to enfimil gentle and it's awesome

Miranda M 0 likes

I started cereal when my son was 3 weeks old.

Miranda M 0 likes

I also used enfamil gentle and it was awesome.

Kayla W 0 likes

I switched him over to soy last night and he has been great now :) thanks guys!!

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