I need gender reveal ideas! I looked on Pinterest im thinking silly string or bumble gum ! Anyone have any ideas !

Shelby L 0 likes

We are popping big balloons filled with confetti in the gender color and having our little cousins spray silly string. Fun for everyone!

Tara R 2 likes

We did balloons in a box! Turned out awesome. I decorated a big box with pink and blue paint and streamers and then put blue balloons in it and had a gender reveal party, turned out great!!

Natalie S 0 likes

Im doing gender reveal pictures since we are military and far from home !! Which sucks !

Rachael G 0 likes

I sat on the floor with gum balls everywhere, and blew a pink bubble for mine. It was really cute.

Trena T 1 like

You could always make custom onsies, with a girl/boy name that you have picked out. My aunt In law did that.. It was fun!

Jayme A 5 likes

Saw one recently with them showing blue glitter in one hand and pink in the other. Then they blew the color out of their hand that they were having. It was super cute!

Brittany H 0 likes

I like the cakes :) they make the cake pink or blue and frost it then cut it to reveal :)

Em A 2 likes

Cake. Pink or blue on the inside. Then a clever riddle on the outside

Kathryn W 1 like


Fara J 1 like

Pour glitter in a dark colored ballon and Pop it. Also I have seen someone doing a cake that was white inside but if you cut all the way to the center pink m&ms would pour out.

A L 1 like

The bubblegum thing is cute!

Alicia C 0 likes

We did a cake! My sister was the only one who knew and everyone wore the colour of what they thought we were having. My husband and I did not know either so it was a lot of fun! My sister made the cake for us. It was a great day.

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