Any ideas on how to do a fun gender reveal if all our close friends and family live far away? I was in same boat with my first and we didn't do anything just called everyone and told them. This time I want to do something fun but can't have a party as we don't know many people where we live now.

Yuliia S 2 likes

Watch YouTube videos about it. There are lots of ideas

Emilie W 2 likes

There are scratch cards like lottery scratchers that you scratch off to see the gender! You could easily send those to everyone :)

Christine C 3 likes

You could have photo shoot with oldest and reveal through a outfit or sign. Then send out cards. Could also mail out little boxes and when they open them will have something inside to reveal the sex. Pintrest has a lot of great ideas.

Mammaof2 < 3 likes

A couple I know did the cutest. He was holding blue balloons. Se was holding pink. They kissed and they let go of the gender they weren't having. So if it was a girl the mommy held on to the pink balloons. They took photos of all the steps. Cute!

Kai 1 3 likes

Omg mommaof2 I'm am two weeks pp n so emotional. That is the sweetest way to show the gender. 💜💙✨ awww

Dana P 2 likes

You could send them a box filled with balloons in the color of the gender. If you chose helium, when they open the box the balloons would float up.

Kassandra B 1 like

My friend just revealed she was pregnant, she had her son wearing a shirt that says I'm the big brother, an let him walk around to show ppl, and took pictures and sent them to the ppl she couldn't see, it took a few mins for everyone to click in to what his shirt said but you could do that, just a simple shirt with what it is, then take pictures and see how long it takes for ppl to notice lol

. . 1 like

A cute one I always see on YouTube is with a cake (: the inside of the cake is either blue or pink. I wish I did something like that for my daughter lol

Marianne M 0 likes

I love the one where dad has his hands on the bump in the shape of a heart, then takes his hands away and leaves his handprints in the gender color.

Ann S 1 like

We posted a video online. We had a black balloon filled with the color confetti of the baby by the party store. Popped with a pin and blue confetti went everywhere!!!

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