Gender reveal parties? Yay or nay? Also, what exactly do you do at one? I know you reveal the gender but is it like a baby shower too or is that separate?

Marielli S 1 like

It's like a baby shower u can have little games and the cake can be the boy or girl color whatever your having ! There so cute and at times u may get gifts

Mommaofkj j 2 likes

I think it can be the same n that could save time n money and have food snacks and drinks

Deleted A 1 like

Nah we said no to that lol! Our gender reveal was on the invited to the shower (:

Mommaofkj j 1 like

U can either do balloons out of a box u can do ultrasounds from ur first up to when u found out just ask ur dr for all ur ultrasounds up to the date u found out u can do cupcakes with blue or pink frosting in the middle

Avery A 1 like

We had one for my first baby... We had people vote by bringing diapers or wipes (wipes=girl diaper=boy) and we had a cake that showed the color when we cut into it... We also gave away prizes

Kristin 1 like

I think they're cute. It'd definitely be fun to have one! But, unless you want all gender neutral stuff.. You should probably keep the baby shower separate. ☺️

Elizabeth L 2 likes

We had our doc write the gender on a pice of paper, we brought it to a baker and they made a cake. When we cut into the cake the middle was filled with blue icing! We played a few silly games, had people vote on the gender, ate dinner, and then cut the cake! It was so much fun and we just invited close family! Plus we now have video on my SO jumping up and down screaming "ITS A BOY!!!!"

Taylor M 1 like

I've seen women do gender reveal parties and baby shower both together and separate so it's really up to you! We just told everyone what we were having but if I were to do a gender reveal, I'd probably just include it with the baby shower and have one big party than two okay parties.

Felisha L 1 like

My friend had a reveal party and it was just a get together with food and such and then the gender was reveal after desert :)

Jenae K 1 like

We had one separate from baby shower. We revealed with a cake and just asked people to come and eat and play fun games with us. Just a celebration. No gifts til shower

Jessica B 1 like

I had them separate. My gender reveal was just close friends and family (about 15-20 people) and we went out to eat. Then to reveal the gender we (me, boyfriend, and our 2 other kids) stood up while everyone sprayed silly string on us.

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