Gas drops:yes or no? I have a 9 day old baby who has bad gas. I know it's uncomfortable for her! The pediatrician said they don't prescribe them, but everyone I know has always used them. Thoughts?

Christine 0 likes

I use them and have used them since my daughter was 3 days old. She's 8 weeks and perfectly healthy. They work almost instantly and made her much more comfortable.

Kimberly C 0 likes

Have you tried gripe water? Gripe water actually worked better than gas drops for my little guy.

Jenn S 0 likes

Try gripe water it's all natural

Perfectly M 0 likes

NO NO NO NO!!!!!!! I wouldn't put anything like that into a baby under a year. Let alone a baby under even. A month!!!! Bad idea. Anyway try bicycling his legs. Try different formula or breastfeeding try hanging your diet.

Amanda B 0 likes

Gripe water works well too

Amy M 0 likes

My Dr. said they are not proven to work and gripe water is definitely safe. I use gripe water more often but sometimes my LO needs the gas drops and they seem to work for him. Just be careful that you use the correct dose.

H C 0 likes

My dr said no to gas drops but yes to gripe water easier on their bellies I have been using it since 2 days old and my daughter loves it

Marisol P 0 likes

I have 3 kids and always use them.

Katherine T 2 likes

My pedi said they don't work. I tried them with my DD and I didn't notice a difference. Probiotic worked really well for my baby. It took a while to notice the difference but after a couple weeks I saw a huge change. I also heard colic calm helps.

Lili R 0 likes

I would use the gripe water. It's all natural and helps instantly. You child will be happier for it!!

Chrissy A 0 likes

We used oval was a life saver

Aprilbaby 0 likes

I used them with my LO he had horrible tummy pains. Just get the ones in the store. Don't need prescription strength

Casey P 1 like

They work great. I've used them Since my baby boy was a couple weeks old! Good luck!

Samantha M 0 likes

I agree with Katherine.

Keisha 0 likes

I bought over the counter ones for my daughter. They did seem to help.

Blake P 1 like

We use gripe water. It's natural and cheaper because you can use it for hiccups, teething, colic fits and gas; instead of buying all those different things

Jill N 0 likes

I use the gripe water and my LO seems good with it !! It's all natural fennel and ginger

Chelse B 0 likes

I use them daily on my little girl. I have since she was about 1 week old. They work great and she is perfect :)

Brandi B 0 likes

Ok, so our LO would scream for hours with gas, it was horrendous. My pedi recommended doing them religiously 4 times a day, after a feeding with a good burping afterwards. Within a week, it was so much better!!!!!! We tried gripe water and that didn't work. I'm serious, please try it. Every day, 4 times, burp.

A. J 0 likes

I used Cocyntal Baby Colic. Helps relieve stomach pain, spasms and intestinal gas. Comes in little pre packaged tubes that you break open and squeeze into babies mouth. Can even be put in bottle with breast milk/formula. Easy to use and worked awesome. Was recommended by my LOs chiropractor/naturalpath.

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