FTM and my due date is next week, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me about their labor and delivery experience I know not everyone woman is the same, or if they have any advice for me.

Ashley L 2 likes

I thought it was silly, but really really practice your breathing. Breathing through and in between contractions was so much harder and more important than I expected. I had such a hard time that I started hyperventilating, causing me to nearly pass out multiple times, which caused my blood pressure to plummet. I also started vomiting during my contractions. I think it would have been better if my water had broken because my labor wouldn't have likely lasted the 22 hours that it did.

Paula B 2 likes

Make sure the nurses know what you want and don't let them push you around. Good luck

Jessica T 2 likes

I had a planned c-section. If for some reason you have to have one, don't be nervous! Get up as much as you can and take the meds they provide. I hope everything goes exactly the way you are wanting! Congrats!

Michelle A 1 like

Just remember you will get thru it! You will surprise yourself by how strong you are and just how much you can take and if you chose epidural once you get it you won't feel a thing! If your getting a c section just remember to it easy after you get home I had both regular birth and c section

BabyRellO's M 1 like

I had an emergency C-Section .... It happened so fast my husband was left outside the room. Things change in an instant. Be prepared for anything.

Courtney H 1 like

While in labor it really helped me to have people to talk to. Completely took my mind off the pain and I ended up not getting the epidural that I had already planned on getting! Good luck it truly is an amazing experience ❤️

Jesica . 2 likes

Do to be afraid to tell the dr and nurses what you want but be flexible, things don't always go how we plan or want them to go and stressing or getting upset about it only makes it harder. Also eat! Eat as much as you can until they put you on the liquid diet. Labor can go a long time and you get hungry. I didn't eat before they put me on liquid diet and almost 3 days is a long time to go without food when you are using so much energy. Good luck!

Amy M 1 like

Expect the unexpected! If things don't go how you planned and you have a hard time processing it, make sure you find someone to talk to about it. I had severe preeclampsia and an emergency c-section but planned a natural childbirth. I was thrilled to leave with a healthy baby but needed time to mourn the birth I had envisioned. No one told me that was normal. Hopefully you don't need to deal with any of that, but I wanted to tell you what no one told me. Best wishes and congrats!

Michelle K 1 like

You'll get through it momma! Don't feel bad if it doesn't go as you wish or plan... The important thing is that your LO will arrive. Definitely don't let anyone push you around and get all the help you can at the hospital once your LO arrives. Take all the goodies!!!

Tristan T 1 like

My advice would be to wait until your water breaks as long as it is safe. I was induced and had mine within 6 hours of being induced but it was a very very hard and fast labor. All of the other women in my family have naturally gone into labor and been induced both and they all said that your water breaking on its own was much less painful. Of course my BP raised too high and I had to be induced but just remember it will end and you will have a miracle that will make you forget the pain!

Amanda T 1 like

My due date was October 7th, 2013 and I was scheduled to be induced on the 9th. The night before I was to be induced I went into labor on my own and had him on the 9th. I was in labor for 16 hours and pushed for 2.

Ashley K 1 like

Practice your breathing!! This was a HUGE help for me, even with an epidural. And have whoever will be in there with you practice with you, so you'll have someone to keep you focused when the pain starts.

Alexandra S 1 like

All great advice above. Know what you want but be flexible. I wanted a complete drug free birth but had 17 hours of irritable contractions which means painful and frequent contractions that don't dialate the cervix. I took the morphine they offered. After that I progressed and had my baby in the tub naturally. The end goal is a healthy baby. Remember to take it easy afterward. Try and get as much help in the days after you get home. Good luck!

Dee 1 like

Relax, enjoy, & remember no matter what way your baby enters the world you'll experience a love you didn't know existed. It might not be right in that moment or it might be. Just remember healthy baby & mommy is #1.

Emily B 1 like

I definitely agree that you should practice your breathing because as silly as it sounds, that's what got me through my contractions! I was given cirvadel to help open my cervix because I was 2 weeks past my due date and my cervix was still completely closed and I was having terrible contractions and the doctors wouldn't give me any pain medicine because they just thought it was a side effect from the cervidel, which it turned out I was in active labor, but the breathing got me through it!!

Emily B 1 like

But definitely just enjoy it, keep telling yourself you can do it and remind yourself that after your precious baby is here, everything you just went through will be forgotten! You can do it!! Just relax, enjoy it, and breathe!!!

Megan H 1 like

Remember your body is made to deliver a baby so don't let anyone scare you. Things will never go exactly like you plan them but that's the beauty of life :) I had my son two days before I was scheduled for induction. My water was leaking but didn't completely break. I was in labor for 24 hours or so but the hard part was only for about 8 hours of which I had an epidural. (Slept through the first 8 hours) I only pushed for about 10 minutes. You are going to be a mom no matter how labor turns out

Erin K 1 like

The thing that I found hardest was the healing after no one ever told me it would take so long I was seriously sore and bleeding for like 6 weeks as for labor it sucks but it's worth every moment and u really do forget the bad parts of it I was in labor 15 hrs pushed for 3 and then had to have him vacuumed out cuz I was just to exhausted to push and he was face up which makes it harder my LO is 2 months now and I'm already ready to do it all over again

Eryn 1 like

Practice breathing! It helps so much. I was induced. Labor and delivery was actually super easy for me. I had an epidural and only 30 minutes of pushing. The thing that was the worst was healing. 3rd degree tear from forceps. Walking was so difficult! But word of advice...walk it off! I was on my feet immediately walking through the pain. By 2 weeks, the pain was nearly gone.

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