Formula helps babies sleep better/longer at night. Myth or truth? Any mommy tried/experimented?

Lisa P 0 likes

I heard formula digests slower than breast milk. If this is true than baby should sleep longer when on formula.

Regina B 0 likes

I would say true. I would try to give my baby rice cereal at nice thinking he would sleep longer, but always ended up waking up in the middle of the night. But when I gave him a bottle of formula he would sleep through the whole night.

Lee R 0 likes

It is true! My baby never slept through the night while I was breast feeding but then after I switched she slept through the night after 3 days!!

Michelle L 0 likes

My lo never slept through the night either when I was breast feeding but once on formula she slept through the night.

Jennifer G 0 likes

I breast fed my oldest and he never slept, my five month old has been formula fed since day one and he slept 4 hrs the day he was born, now sleeps the night no problem!

Fergie B 2 likes

Myth... Unless you have a production issue.

Robyn M 0 likes

Truth, even our ped and lactation peeps say so. Breast milk digests quicker and more fully, while the formula is derived from proteins that are harder for a baby to digest... so it takes longer.

Michaela R 0 likes

Seems like it's true. My 3.5mo sleeps 10-12 hours on formula.

Amber L 0 likes

Truth. When I was breast feeding LO slept for 3-4 hours... With formula I get a 8 hour run then a 4 hour run...

Rachel D 0 likes

It has rang true for me with both my kids. I do a bottle of formula at night and my lo is knocked out for about 6-7 hrs

Karina B 0 likes

I haven't noticed a difference.

Paris J 0 likes

I've tried, sometimes I add a teaspoon of rice. Worked well. Also I've noticed when I eat heavier before nursing him he sleeps longer also

Amber B 1 like

I breastfed and my baby slept through the night while my two friends who formula fed their babies weren't good night sleepers... Guess I was the odd man out or just got lucky!

Lauren P 0 likes

My baby is formula fed and she sleeps 8-10 hours at night!

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mommy k 0 likes

my baby has been ff since day 1. sleeps 12-14 hours a night only feeding once.

Mel Marie 0 likes

True. When I BF he eats every 2 hrs and formula feed its every 3 hrs.

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