So I've tried the enfamil ar like the gi doctor said. My son is still spitting up and screaming at night. He has reflux. Any reccomendations for formula?

Aliah V 0 likes

My son had terrible reflux and I uses walmart brand parents choice gentle. It really helped and it was recommended to me by the pharmacist at shoppers drug mart!

Tristin O 0 likes

Babys only organic! My daughter had reflux and other formulas we tried before it made it worse, and she Continued to spit up..she reacts great to this one! A bit more more expensive but not by much! I had to order online from amazon though because could not find in a target or walmart.

Ariana Z 0 likes

I use sensitive and my dd liked it, she spit up a little on it but he didn't have stomach pains like she did on the other ones

Shannel G 0 likes

Alimentum from similac

Jessica B 1 like

Similac is awesome. My daughter was on similac advance

Tristin O 1 like

Also our doctor told us to have her sleep at an incline so we got her one of those rock and play sleepers at Target to sleep in and it helped a lot, as she's inclined a slight bit as she sleeps. She sleeps great in it

Carrie N 1 like

My son had same issues, but is doing very well on Similac Sensitive (orange can) ... Made all the difference!!!

Nicole 0 likes

Thank you!

Amanda D 0 likes

Have you tried the enfimil ProSobee.... It's kind of pricey but works wonders and even gerber good start soy!

Paige B 0 likes

I switched my LO to good start soothe at 4 months. She still had reflux (it didn't eliminate that) and I had to get her a prescription eventually for it, but she was much more comfortable then when she was on the GSgentle.

Roxy P 0 likes

Similac advance, also you can try putting rice cereal on the bottle (depending on age) my LO also wad reflux when he was born and started with rice cereal around 2 months old it help a lot even though it never cured it! He is now 1 year old and still spits up once in a while! Hope this helps and good luck

Meagen W 0 likes

We switched to the soy similac, it helped our son.

Carrie N 0 likes

Yes! Sleeping at a slight incline really helps!!!

Michelle L 0 likes

My daughter was on simlac advance

Nicole 0 likes

Thank you he is on medication for it.

Nicholette E 1 like

Similac sensitive for fussiness and gas!

E D 0 likes

Don't shake formula EVER. Stir slowly as to not cause any bubbles .

Kacie S 0 likes


Jenn K 0 likes

Earths Best Sensitive stomach

Nicole 0 likes

Thank you!

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