For those who have a newborn baby or a baby between 1-6 months: when you go grocery shopping do you put your baby in the cart with the car seat? If not what do you do? Please don't comment if you don't take your baby with you. I need ideas on how to grocery shop WITH my baby. I put the car seat in the cart. We went shopping earlier and I felt like so many people were giving me dirty looks because I had to put stuff around his car seat. I didn't put anything ON him.

Mom Of 2 1 like

Normally I have some space in the car with his car seat in it but at this store the carts were smaller than I expected. I could put him in the wrap but how would I pick up the big stuff?

Chloe A 2 likes

Our car seat hooks in just perfect for the seat to sit where a toddler would normally sit. So he sits up high right next to my face in his car seat. But when I go to target it's a little more tricky because their carts are different.. But most carts are a perfect fit for his car seat. I would try this is you haven't already. Even if it doesn't lock perfectly into place I can usually get it to sit in there pretty stable-y

Nicole F 1 like

The car seat usually fits on the carriage where you can put a child. That's what I do and everyone I know.

Chloe A 0 likes

Personally it would be too much of a hassle to put him in his body carrier every time I shop, and this way if he is napping he will stay asleep, rather than me waking him up when I pick him up.

Megan C 0 likes

Most car seats click on to the front of the cart where older babies set. I normally bring my stroller in because her carseat clicks into that but i havent actually done any big shopping trips just little ones where i dont need a cart. but it should click into cart somehow.

Raven H 2 likes

There's like an attachment on some carts for your car seat to click in. I'll use that with my 4week old or I'll put her in my front carrier and just have her in that.

Elizabeth A 1 like

Fit carrier to yourself .. If you go with your husband or bf I would push the stroller and he can push the cart.. Or get two carts there is a thing called baby hammock that goes on the cart

Ann S 1 like

I wear my baby in a carrier. He's 3.5 months. Works great

Amy M 0 likes

I put it in the big section. My carseat is chicco and it does not fit in the front. I can't do a big shopping trip, just basic stuff. And I use the rack underneath too!

Scarlett and Brooklynn's M 0 likes

I used to put the carseat in the big part like you do. My carseat was too wobbly at the top part I just didnt trust that at all. I put things around baby and at the top in the seat. Also you could put a basket on the bottom of the cart to put stuff in or carry a basket too

Becky W 0 likes

I always put the seat in the seat thing on the cart. It locks right in place and you can play with the baby the whole time and have the rest of the cart for the groceries

Emy G 0 likes

I put the car seat in the buggy. Why would they give you dirty looks it feels like pretty safe to me. My car seat wont fit in the upper part of the buggy and anyway i think it´s safer in the big part cuz my carseat dont clip well in the upper part. I tried different grocery store because they dont have the same carts I go where they have bigger ones or some have like top and bottom sections

Monica M 0 likes

I wear my 5 month old in my infantino carrier... She likes to be walked around instead of strapped in her car seat

Lyla H 0 likes

I save a stroller I take, or I carry her. I have an older son who pushes the cart if need be. She rarely sleeps these days and hates being confined.

Raelynn O 0 likes

I put the car seat either in the large part of cart or of it wasn't big enough I would put it sideways across the top of the cart and either hold it while I walked around the store or use the seatbelt on the cart to hold the car seat so it didn't slide off the cart

Gail M 0 likes

So on some carts there's hooks on the side that most ppl don't see. Not on plastic ones but the metal ones.

Joshuin M 0 likes

Wear him! He stays content being so close to mom and car seat doesn't take up space in the cart!

Stephanie W 0 likes

I put her in her car seat and put stuff around her. When she started to sit up with assistance I would sit her in the cart seat, strap her in, and stuff blankets around her and kind of hold her in place. Kind of difficult but now she sits unassisted and does great when we go shopping! She is almost 7 months now and she goes with me everywhere. I've only had to call the hubby once to come get another cart so I could finish. Lol

Jaxon's M 1 like

I put it sideways across the big part and just hold it while I shop

Ev C 1 like

I wear him in a carrier...haven't had trouble picking up heavy things like soda packs. I just make sure not to put pressure against him. I've also put his car seat inside the cart, I don't trust putting his car seat where everyone else puts it...tried it but didn't like it....and I don't mind the looks I've gotten for putting him in there, all those people can F off lol at the end of the day I'm doing what I find safest for my child (2 months old)

Chelsea T 2 likes

I do the same thing. Forget them. I don't put my daughter where the child sits it's not safe.

Mom Of 2 2 likes

I don't put the car seat there where the toddler would normally sit because there isnt a hook for it under his car seat. Also I heard about a horrible story of this lady who's baby fell off of that and suffered brain damage. I haven't seen anyone use that for a baby in years!!

BoyMom 2 likes

I wear my baby in the ergo.. I have since he was a few days old and continue to at 14 months :)

C P 0 likes

I put the baby in the body of the cart. And play he's good. I've brought the sling a couple times but don't ever use it.

MikynDelanie's M 0 likes

I baby wear! She falls right to sleep and no problems. I don't put her car seat where the child sits either because it's not made for that and baby can get hurt. Saw a cc camera feed of a baby falling out of the cart in a parking lot! Ever since then I vowed not to do it anymore.

Tara R 0 likes

I always put the car seat in the cart

DJ's M 0 likes


Tara B 0 likes

I always use the chest holder I feel the carts are to germy!!!

Kai 1 0 likes

Shopping cart hammock for infants and once baby can hold himself up baby shopping cart cover 🙌 my cousin swears by it and I will be getting one. The hammock is perfect for shopping. Google it 😋🌟✨

Catrina F 0 likes

Some grocery stores well at least mine (hannaford) have special carts where the car seat can hook in

Margaret T 1 like

First of all who gives a damn what others think it's your baby! Sometimes I just take the stroller if I'm not buying a lot of stuff and put the groceries in that bottom rack/basket. We have HEB's in Texas and they have the infant/baby holders attached to the carts and they sanitize them. Or I do what you do, put her carseat in the cart and surround her with groceries💛

Mom Of 2 0 likes

Sounds like the wrap is the best. I was going to do that today but I didn't wash it last night. I will definitely do that next time. Thank you!

Allisa K 0 likes

I put him in the spot where the kids sit. I'm not sure what the other moms are referring to by saying it clicks into place, all the store carts I use don't allow it to "click" into place, but I can usually wedge it into there where I feel safe with it there. I've heard multiple people talk about using a carrier, that would be nice so you can walk away from your cart.

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