For those who had a Doula, do you think you could have done it without one?

Katy T 2 likes

I didn't and I really wish I did. My mom died when I was younger and didn't really have anyone to coach me or help me through it

Danielle D 1 like

I almost got one but decided against it because of the cost...soooo wish I had gone through with it!! I think I would have been able to have a natural birth without an epidural or forceps if I had a doula...and the labor most likely would have been shorter because the epidural really slowed things down! I'm getting one next time around!

Sirena L 2 likes

My husband said it was the best money we ever spent. My water broke at 4 am on a Friday. Didn't have my son until 8 am Saturday. She was there for everything. I had an extremely hard labor and my husband could not have helped me the way she did.

Sirena L 1 like

@Danielle D- not necessarily. I had a doula and an idiot for a midwife. So she helped me through the labor but they are not doctors. Still had an epidural. So just don't get one and have sky high expectations for your birth being a certain way.

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