For those of you who read to your little ones before bed. Do you only read children's books? My boy is 18 months and I'm looking for book inspiration.

Selina H 2 likes

I'd suggest children's books, so they can see the pictures won't distracted

Bree T 3 likes

My friend read the hobbit and the lord of the rings to her boys. It took them a really long time but they made it. The boys loved it. It's one of my favorites too and id like to read it to my son but he's more interested in ripping the pages right now than listening to the story. Lol

Nina A 1 like

Smaller words can help them try to read. We're reading Dr. Seuss books! And yes, great with pictures to stimulate them.

Jen P 2 likes

We read a lot of books about trucks! We try and read books that are about colours, counting, or have stories with a good moral message, or have a good rhythm to them. Twenty trucks, big building, goodnight construction site,Thomas books, potty train, my own name, jolly postman, all Sandra boynton books, go dog go, hop on pop (pretty much all dr Seuss) Sorry I could list books forever, but these are some of our favorites! We read 2-8 a night. I think we will start longer books in a couple years.

Kissy x 1 like

My 20month old will look at the book herself but rips it out of my hands when I try reading to her.. Doesn't wanna sit still!

Patti T 0 likes

I don't think they need to all be children's books at all - a good story without pictures helps them develop a good imagination! You can have them draw or color how they see the main character the next day 😊

Jen M 2 likes

Haha I was just thinking about reading "No Bad Kids, Toddler Discipline Without Shame" by Janet Landsbury to my 3 mo old since reading helps him fall asleep and I don't want to stimulate him with pictures. Thankfully he conked out without fuss tonight but I'll probably end up reading that to him soon :) That or the Vaccine Book by Dr Sears. Woohoo!

Danielle W 0 likes

Search Amazon kids books and sort them by ages there are a ton of ideas. I have giant Disney night time stories. I have a big book of fairy tales. Not the original creepy ones, made that mistake once. Dr. Seuss since they're fun to read. All kinds of choices on there

Jen W 0 likes

First decide what content you want to read & the purpose to read? To make as a bed time sleep regimen, to entertain, to peak reading interest or to inform such as getting discipline ship shaped, your behavioral expectations, informing of the Bible, or to inform of educational subjects the child enjoys. After you know the purpose, you can choose what to read.

Katy L 1 like

Kids books are the best, basic words that they can say. My baby's 18months and starting to talk. He loves "goodnight Biscuit" "Jamberry" and "How do I love you" :)

Shiela G 0 likes

Depends on a child. My daughter loves all kinds of books, luckily she's smart and advance in her class. My son is the opposite, he's 22 month old and doesn't listen to bedtime story. He likes the baby books with pictures but not for long. Frustrating but I'm still trying to find best way for him to learn.

Jacqui H 0 likes

Thanks everyone. Heaps of good suggestions. At the moment my hubby and I read while he lies on a bean bag and has his milk before bed. My husband is reading him The Incredible Journey and I recently finished Paddington Bear. He just likes listening at this stage.

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