For those of you who had trouble getting pregnant. Any suggestions on how to get pregnant? I have two of my friends who desperately need the help. It's been 2 years that they've been trying and nothing.

Mel Marie 1 like

Tell her not to stress out and worry if she's pregnant every chance she gets. Stress is bad. Needs to kinda be nonchalant about it and it'll happen!!

Everleigh's M 1 like

Alcohol was a great encouragement for me. (; lol they should use ovulating kits. & also, have fun with sex. It seems like when most women are not trying to have a baby, they get pregnant.

Arsalan's M 1 like

make sure they have blood work done to see everythings fine. I couldnt get pregnant for a whole year until my doctor put me on thyroid medication n i got pregnant that month!

Amanda L 5 likes

Some people have actual issues that need to be addressed medically. I waited a year and finally saw a fertility specialist. I don't ovulate at all and would've never become pregnant without intervention. We had no idea! And everyone will say "just relax" which is the most frustrating thing ever. You're a good friend to look for advice :)

S T 3 likes

At this point, they should go to a fertility specialist to get checked out.

Margaret T 2 likes

Ovulation calculators or honestly for me just not even thinking about it. All three of my pregnancies were accidents or better yet surprises.

Damaris C 1 like

2 years? Try 14 Years! My dear friend now has a 10 month old but I would say have fun trying and definitely no stress but most important to me is to ask God, only he can make the impossible possible! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€

Mommy Of T 0 likes

My cousin and her husband tried for 9years they went to fertility doctors and everything and there was absolutely nothing wrong with either one of them. They just finally stopped trying and that's when they got tell her not to stress about it that's the worse thing to do

Jacquelyn D 2 likes

Ovulation kits sold at your local pharmacy. Along with help from a doctor

Kristen G 2 likes

I took my basal body temp. You figure out when you're most fertile and it let me know when I conceived. Took over a year for our first and close to two years for our second. If we try again I'll do track my temp again.

Happy M 1 like

Sounds strange, but know a handful of ladies that saw John of God on Oprah and tried that route, which they believe helped. Whatever works, I guess.

Kirbie D 4 likes

I hate when people say stop stressing it'll happen. Some people actually need to be seen by a doctor. I wasn't ovulating at all. So even though I had "stopped stressing" It didn't matter because I wasn't ovulating. your friends need to go get blood work done and then sometimes they will also do an ultrasound to look at everything too.

Linsi M 3 likes

Definitely consult a fertility doctor. They can run tests on both the man & woman to see what (if any) issues there are & can help them conceive. It can't hurt to make an appointment & talk to someone

Xtina P 1 like

For me same as Amanda! My cycle was SOOOO off that it was too hard to pin point my ovulating days. I needed some help and now I have my LO

Angies m 0 likes

i will say go on a good vacation thats what i did , i was trying for 3 yrs and notin until i went on vacation with my husband and thats how i got pregnant i guess work bills plus stress of the daily routine gets to us once u out of the routine is better cuz u more relax and ure hubby too πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰

Mama Of 3 0 likes

Keeping track of my ovulation with a ovulation tracker app and I figured out I had a tilted cervix and so I finally got pregnant by having my SO finish inside me while I was laying on my stomach and would lay there for 15 min before getting up and I started taking prenatal pills. Took us 8 mo

J F 1 like

Generic basic Mucinex is called Guafinesen. Take it every four hours 2-3 days before you think you're ovulating. Yes to the ovulation kit too! The Guafinesen will thin your cervical fluid so sperm can get through more easily.

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