For the past 2 1/2 years of my sons schooling the number one complaint would be his lack of focus. Which seems to be increasing. Has anyone had success With some form of medication? What was your experience With it? How did your child respond? Did it make an improvement? Thanks mommies­čą░

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Don't Medicate yet. Some kids thrive With Routine and repetition. I have to tell my Son the same thing A few Times But he gets it done. If he's Young it's Normal.

Lil B 1 like

Like adhd meds?

Lil B 1 like

I wouldn't Get him hooked on pills. You should try and fix it before having him have to depend on medication. Once you start I don't Think it Ever really can get broken.

Tiffany 0 likes

Lil Bri Mel Marie I am definitely Not looking to medicate but it has come up as a suggestion. We have had a schedule And routine in place that has been modified Time and time again. Any tips for unruly kids? Each day is a battle with endlessly repeating myself. I'm Exhausted

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