Question For the bilingual moms. Do you guys speak to your babies in both languages or one primarily?

Natalie D 1 like

I speak mostly in English to her but I say common words in Spanish as well after I say it in English! But she's only 3 months as she gets older I will try to make it more even

Mel Marie 1 like

I speak to my kids in english but I regret it! Teach them both as early as possible!

Vanessa T 1 like

My SO and I speak to our daughter in English but my parents who live downstairs from us and see her everyday only speak to her in Portuguese. She seems to understand us both! And she'll be 1 next week!!

Hannah M 1 like

We speak only english, but ive been told that you should speak in both languages as early as possible. Do what you feel is best

Alexandra S 2 likes

I speak both to my LO and my husband speaks only English. My mom, his caregiver during the workday speaks only Spanish. He's basically getting both. I'm perfectly bilingual and that's how I learned

Jasmine D 2 likes

I'm Romanian and my husband is American. When I'm by myself with her, I speak Romanian, when my husband is home we speak English. My mom only speaks Romanian with her. My daughter just turned 2 and she counts to 10 in both languages and speaks both.

Jackie M 1 like

When we are with my parents they speak to him in their native tongue so he can learn it. The reason of the time is English

Nadya D 1 like

I speak Russian to my LO when we are alone - which is 40hrs a week when my husband is at work. I've read you have to do at least 25hrs of language a week. I am following this blog @ - he has a lot of good information.

Vanessa T 1 like

Oh I forgot to mention that's how I was brought up. My parents only spoke to me in Portuguese but my sisters and I would speak in English .. I still know how to speak Portuguese and I can read a little.

Paty Q 2 likes

I speak only spanish to him. Friends and family speak English and my in laws speak Portuguese to him. As long as the same person speaks the same language to them all the time, they can learn multiple languages

Alice W 0 likes

Both. I speak chinese and english to her. Her dad speaks english to her and my mom speaks chinese only to her

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