For Bilingual parents: When did you start talking to LO in the other language? Does your partner speak the same language, a different language, or no other language? Me & So are fluent in English but we both have different first languages. We want LO to learn all 3 of them but don't know if we need to start speaking the other languages now and stop or continuing talking in English too.

Bri 1 like

My hubby and I are both Romanian and talk to the LO in Romanian mostly .. But I started to pick up an object and say it in Romanian and in English. Don't know if I should be doing that..

Alejandra's Mom 1 like

Well I speak fluent English and Spanish and my hubby only English so according to all my readings you should speak to you baby both languages their brain is capable to difference any language and then they can recognize it. So my LO is 7 months and I have been speaking both to her..

Courtney 1 like

I'm fluent in Farsi & English , I talk in both , I was raised in a household speaking both so i always switched between the 2 I usually say it in Farsi & then again in English , he knows the difference

Cesia H 2 likes

My hubby and I also are both fluent in English and Spanish, we speak both to our LO but mostly Spanish. He's 10 almost 11 months now and he understands us in both languages. I would say speak to him in the different languages, and then English. Eventually when they start going to school they will pick up the English language very quickly. Kids are very smart, I'm sure your baby will end up learning all languages if you stay consistent with them.

V R 1 like

I speak another language and I don't know where to start. I'm afraid I'll confuse my daughter.

Rosy A 3 likes

We speak spanish all time to our baby because that is our first language. I guess people, society, cartoons and hearing us answer in english will eventually teach him both languages

Garcia 1 like

I speak fluent english and my SO speaks english and spanish fluently. We speak both languages with my LO.

Yessenia O 2 likes

Speak to your son in your language and let your husband do the same. It will not confuse him. Kids can learn English thru other means like tv other people and school.

Flower U 0 likes

Well I talk to mykids both English and Spanish since babies and they understand perfectly both.Like now both of them are in pre k3, and kinder and they tested my 6yr and she pass both languages and was qualified for billingual class.At first I didn't want her to be in billingual class but then I understood that English will be there more than Spanish so I wanted them to learn to speak it but alsoto write it.whats the point of talking it if you can't write it.

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My parents speck to my daughter in Tagalog. Me and my BF speck to her in English mix with a little bit of Tagalog. Basic words like eat , sleep , play , hi , bye. My mom spoke to me in Tagalog and I'm fluent in it. I also picked up some Spanish from my dad.

Kat E 2 likes

One thing to think about that I. Heard is for babies learning multiple languages at the same time the usually take longer to speak but it's worth it because they will be fluent in multiple languages. So don't be discouraged if your lo starts talking later than others who only know one language. Yours will be further ahead in the end.

JVP 2 likes

We talk the other languages and English last! As they will catch on it in school!

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