For bilingual mom's, Spanish/English what language do you speak to your LO? I speak both but I feel like like im confusing her, she's 9 months.

Teryn S 1 like

Speak the one that will be here primary language in life and teach her the other as she gets older

Mama J 4 likes

I speak both. sometimes I'll say it in Spanish and then English right after.

R S 1 like

I speak both but I only and always speK Spanish with both and make them speak it o me or I day I dont understand My oldest is 5 she reads, writes, spells, counts to 50 in both perfectly nd is completely bilingual. Dad doesnt speak a word of anything otherthan English and at the table she bounces from one tot he other depending who she talks to without mixing them You have to be consistent and they get there when they are about 4. My ped was very supportive

Gaby G 4 likes

My sister who is a child development teacher was just telling me that they aren't confused, they understand but their language is going to be a little bit delayed. But they do catch up!

R S 1 like

He told me to do it and told me the brain is not mature enough to completely divide them Until about that age and then, and it was true Go for it hut consistency, consistency and consistency It takes longer for them to talk, and it is normal to mix them but both my dds are bilingual now. You will confuse them if you speak one and the. The be t, better have you do Spanish and dad English

Sophia 3 likes

You need to speak to her only in one language not you mixing both, and have someone else maybe your partner to speak to her in English only otherwise she'll get confused by you saying different words with different accents and pronunciation. My sister spoke just English to my niece and her dad only French that's how they were taught and she can perfectly speak both languages since she was 18 months.

Mama J 4 likes

I was taught both at the same time as a child and I'm fluent in both languages 😊 worked for me and my sister!

Jennifer R 1 like

I speak both but mostly Spanish so he can learn, they'll learn English in school & very past

Katelyn❤️ E 4 likes

I speak Both. My friend speaks both to her son since he was a baby he's 3 and speaks both since he was one

Steph B 3 likes

I only speak Spanish at home since English is spoken at school and I know she will learn it very quickly by interacting daily with others.

Mom of Boys 1 like

My husbands first language is Spanish and mine is English. He can speak both Spanish and English but I only speak English. His parents only speak Spanish. My kids grew up going to their grandparents almost every weekend and my husband speaks to them mainly in Spanish and My parents and I speak to them in English so they learned both fluently since they could speak. They did not get confused. They even learned to translate for me and they understand who to speak Spanish and English to.

Teryn S 0 likes

English is also the harder of the 2 to learn because of all the words that sound the same but have different meanings Examples Too, to, two There, they're, their Sail, sale Poor, pour Bow, bou Etc... Do it'd be beneficial to learn English first

Katie G 0 likes

If you want her to speak both, do the same, kids are so much smarter than we give them credit for


Tagalog / English for us. Me and LO daddy talk to her in English and our parents talk to her in Tagalog. My daughter was confused at first but picked up on it quickly!

Bree Aviel's M 1 like

I guess English coz we live in an English speaking country. Later on he will learn French in school so not really my concern. When he turns 4 maybe, then il start teaching Tagalog (official language of the Philippines) since dad speaks tagalog, his from the northern part. And then maybe when his 6 then Il teach him my dialect Bisaya (spoken in my province-Southern part). Kids are smart so they will be fine.

Milena Millie C 0 likes

I speak to my nieces in Spanglish and they speak both languages now and there three. I will also talk to my baby in Spanglish. When I was 3 I spoke Russian and Uzbek and at 5 i learned English. It's better to teach them two languages then just one. No matter where you live plus Spanish is a common language. I learned from my mil and practice every day even though I'm not Spanish.

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