First time mom here with a 1mo and I'm concerned because she isn't sleeping. I know newborn-6mo is rough but she was awake from 11:30 pm to 5:00 am with a 20 minute nap around 2:30. What can I do to help her sleep? We are breastfeeding and supplementing so she definitely is not hungry and we rock, bounce, EVERYTHING but no luck. We've tried keeping her awake in the afternoon but it is impossible since she so small. Sleep deprived and worried, I need some advice!!

Priscilla P 3 likes

I will tell you this, keeping them up during the day only makes the nights worse! Our ped said sleep breeds sleeps. My LO is also 1 month ❤️

Priscilla P 1 like

Have you tried the 5 S's?

C M 0 likes

She's still got her days & nights confused. She'll come around. Until then try to get as much rest as you can when she's sleeping. Try to take her outside during the day for a walk so she can get a little exposure to fresh air and sunlight. It'll help.

Carrie W 2 likes

The more she sleeps during the day- the better she'll sleep at night. Otherwise she'll be overly tired. Hope you get some rest mama!

Janae M 0 likes

What a beautiful pic💚 My lo didn't sleep much at that age (8month n still doesn't sleep much) she slept 15-30mins stretch at a time no longer than that her pedi said it was normal and some nb r like that😊

Mallory 1 like

Omg so cute

Jamie 1 like

She is a doll

CiCi's M 1 like

Cuteness overload!

Mel S 1 like

She is beautiful! Good luck, she is still so young, hang in there

Sara C 1 like

She looks gorgeous😃😍 Maybe you just need to let her sleep, and she come through at her time. Mine was the same as yours, until like 3 months she started sleeping a little bit more. Now she sleeps a little better, she be 5 months on the 17th.

Safia E 0 likes

She's gorgeous!! I had to start coving my daughters eyes with a hat or a light blanket while I rocked her to sleep...apparently light irritated her

Sarah U 1 like

Oh my god so beautiful!!!

Lina T 1 like

Im not sure why but i used to walk up and down my hallway holding my baby sideways and patting her on the butt. She fell asleep within seconds

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