First Holiday Season with a baby (7mo) - How did you celebrate for the first time? Any traditions or things that you recommend that we do or start? I've already ordered an ornament with her birth details on it.

Danielle G 1 like

I went on Pinterest and got the recipe to make an ornament of her handprint. It's easy and I'm sure you have all the ingredients already. :) It's a great keepsake to put on the tree ever year to remember how small she was.

Melissa M 0 likes

Thats a great idea

Danielle G 0 likes

Here's the link :)

Linsi M 0 likes

We go them their first ornament from Disney (we lived in Orlando at the time) & did the whole Santa. We also sent them letters from Santa & put them in their baby books (we plan to do that every year) & took them to see Santa. My in-laws buy all the grandkids Christmas outfits every year so they started that (our girls were 3 months last Christmas). We'll probably start more traditions this year since they're a little older 😊

Vanessa T 0 likes

This will be my LO second Christmas. She was only 2 weeks last year! I'm excited about this holiday season! We ended up getting elf on the shelf. She might not be able to understand it but we are excited about it :)

Alison M 0 likes

This will be our 2nd Christmas and he'll be 15 months - Christmas ornament, pjs, we plan on doing the whole advent calendar thing with Christmas books and a nativity set, new Christmas book for Christmas Eve, doing pic with Santa this time, Pinterest has a TON of great ideas that we'll do in the future but he's still little for most of it

Karly T 0 likes

I do an ornament each year

Melissa T 0 likes

All of these are great ideas, thank you!!

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