First birthday party ideas for a girl?

Ashley B 1 like

We did rainbow my little pony theme cause she loved that theme song 😀

Jennifer O 0 likes

Is her birthday in the summer ?

Jordan A 2 likes

A ballerina party! (: I'm a dancer so that's what I want for my little girl someday. If the birthday is in the fall or winter you could do a winter wonderland! That's what I think I'm gonna do for my sons 1st birthday in January but make it like a woodsy winter wonderland(:

Mel E 0 likes

We did hello kitty cause it's her favorite stuffed animal.

Liz L 0 likes

We're going to do Minnie Mouse :) she loves Mickey but it's too boyish lol

Giselly F 0 likes

We did Halloween! 👻 bc he an october baby. Best thing ever!!! Lol. And i believe its a gender mutual theme.

Km m 0 likes

You are my sunshine theme

Paige B 0 likes

I did "babies 80s" and it was fun :) I put her in little leg warmers and a tutu

Paige B 0 likes

And played 80s music and had 80s movies on in the background. Amazon has fun theme ideas

Kennas M 0 likes

Her birthday is this month

Kennas M 0 likes

Thank you so much mommas😊

Jennifer O 0 likes

Pink Lemonade & Watermelon are very cute summer themes.

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