feeling some mom guilt :( I just had my second baby 11.05.20 via c section and she was last hung in the hospital the first night then the second night she wouldn't latch at all .. and I had a mental break down after not sleeping for 4 days while they were trying to induce me. I asked for help so many times in the hospital and my baby girl just wasn't happy so I asked if we could supplement with formula and they gave me such a hard time besides one nurse who saw me upset and crying. After that..

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she brought me formula and my baby was instantly relieved and ever since then with recovering from the c section and making sure baby is getting enough to eat, I've Been giving her formula and pumping a few times a day so she can have breast milk as much as possible & I just feel so sad that I couldn't breast feed, or is not too late and should I try again?? Some one give me some advice .. everyone is down my throat about breast feeding ...

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First of all congratulations💗 second Do what is best for you and your baby. As long as your baby is fed that all that matters. Sorry to hear you had a hard time and no sleep. It's Really hard after you have a baby and then ppl are grilling you to breast feed. I know because it happened to me too. I wasn't Able to even though I wanted to. Hugs to you 🤗

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I wanted to breastfeed. I had every intention Of pumping and using bottles. But the nurses made me feel as though feeding Directly From the breast was the only option. That is hard. If you are pumping and giving formula it's Absolutely Okay. Happy baby I assume. 😊. It is not too late to try again. My favorite Thing ever was a nipple shield. Same material used for bottle nipple so it will be familiar. Try that first and slowly take away the shield when you think you got it.

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Don't worry at all! I felt the same way with my first. We had to give her formula because she had low blood sugar in the hospital and it messed up my supply from the beginning. I tried to pump constantly, but nothing really worked. She was a formula fed baby and 6 years later is healthy and the smartest in her class (actually skipped PK!) Dont let them scare you into thinking formula is bad and don't Feel guilty. I'm on my third baby and 2 are formula fed and 1 breastfed. All healthy and smart!

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It's only been a couple weeks! If you've been pumping try latching her on every hours for feedings. Once your body can sense that she is eating it’ll kick up in production. Along with drinking A LOT of water

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