Feeling so discouraged, frustrated and heartbroken tonight. My daughter screamed at me in the store in front of everyone saying "You're stupid!!!" And proceeded to hit me. My husband works a TON and I stay home with our 10 month old and three year old and I'm 5 months pregnant. He and I got into an argument where he hung up on me. Just feeling at a loss and alone.

Angies m 0 likes

how old is ure daughter?

Sammy S 0 likes

She just turned 3

Kelly B 0 likes

I feel your pain. Hubby and I aren't on good terms either :-/

Sammy S 0 likes

Yeah we are really rocky right now. Trying so hard to be strong for everyone and just want to cry.

MadMax M 2 likes

Don't worry everything will be better tomorrow. Put the kids to bed early if you can and make some time for yourself

Kaylees M 1 like

If it was my daughter she would have gotten spanked and a talking to about how you don't talk to or treat mommy or any adult like that. And taken away something she likes alot

Kaylees M 1 like

But for how you feel, just pray about it. And wait for him to calm down and try to talk to him later. Maybe he was stressed out about something at work. I'm sure everything will work out. My SO works out of state so I know what it's like to do things alone.

Ashley L 1 like

It's okay momma. It sounds like you need a break.

Sammy S 0 likes

I took away toys and washed her mouth out with soap and had a very stern talk on why that's not okay. I was in shock! We don't use that word in our house, we don't have cable and she never watches TV.

Brittany L 1 like

You need some you time , I raise my daughter as a single parent even though I live with her father I know what your going through . It helps to talk to other moms and not only have time to yourself from the kids but your husband as we'll good luck and there is nothing wrong with a good cry that's for sure

Nicole M 0 likes

Oh momma I'm sorry :( treat yourself to a glass of wine or something tonight!

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