So I'm giving my two children a combined birthday party, turning 3 and 1😊 I made the "theme" children's books, what are your favorite children's books? Books your parents read to you or books you read to your children. I have all sorts of ideas flowing but getting more input is nice :)

Hillary K 1 like

Alice in Wonderland is my absolute favorite!! Maybe do a Disney book theme so you have some sort of guideline to go by. It would help with planning! 😊

Megan S 0 likes

Teddy bear picnic

Julian's M 1 like

Love you forever that has to be my favorite book from childhood

BoyMom 1 like

The very hungry caterpillar was my favorite growing up! My son loves "ten little ladybugs"

Mo D 2 likes

Any dr Seuss book

Isabella M 1 like

Rainbow Fish!!

. . 1 like

The giving tree! 🌳

S M 1 like

I am a bunny!! :)))

Coryn P 1 like

Love you Forever <3

Cortney K 1 like

I can do it myself!

Cortney K 1 like

I can do it myself!

Meghan B 1 like

That was my baby shower theme if you look on Pinterest there is so many ideas!

Alyson ? 0 likes

Where the sidewalk ends :)

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