Excited & nervous for today. This afternoon we have a meeting at my sons school with his teacher, someone from the school board, the speech therapist, & the person who tested him, to go over what we're gonna do about his speech and the goals were setting for him. We've been working on getting him some therapy for 7 months and finally the day has come that we can actually sit down with the school board & talk about it.

Mari B 1 like

Good luck to you and your son

Karla D 1 like

Good luck!!

Haley W 1 like

That's great news. I've been on the other side as the teacher and you work so hard to get students the help they need. I hope it goes well today!

Ashley 1 like

Yes I have to say his teacher has been wonderful at all this. She has helped us the whole way & could not have asked for a better teacher. Offered to go camp out at the school board if we didn't get answers soon, lol. She has worked really well with him also thru the year with what she can do.

Brie A 1 like

That's great news. So happy to hear your son has a great teacher and advocate to help him reach his goals! Good luck!

Jacquelyn D 1 like

You're doing the absolute best thing for your son. I know it seems scary and overwhelming but progress will be made once he begins working with a therapist. Good luck!

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