Everyone acts like there is something wrong with my baby and I don't spend enough time working with him because he's not crawling yet.. He will be 8 months in about 8 days. I work with him every day and he gets his butt in the air and then gets on his tippy toes while his face is in the ground. And if he's lifting up his face and chest his feet are on the ground. Idk what to do..

Susan B 6 likes

Who is saying that?! Are they doctors? If they are not and your pediatrician thinks your baby is fine, then tell the people who want to judge and criticize to go away. Kids develop at different times and at their own pace. Not every kid falls into a cookie cutter chart of proper devlop want and growth. Comparing one kid to another in regards to developments does not help anybody. Especially the kid. My daughter did not start crawling until then and she is absolutely fine.

Sara S 1 like

Ignore those people. Every child is different and 8 months is not late. My niece was 8-9 months before she started. She just pulled herself along with her arms. As we all know, some babies skip it all together. You can't force it. They work on it when they are interest. As long you you give him plenty of tummy time I'd ignore the ignorance of others.

Michelle W 2 likes

My little girl didnt crawl until 8 months and that was. just an army crawl. I just kept putting toys she wanted just out of reach and one day she did it. Then she decided to go to all fours cuz she figured out it was faster. Babies do their own thing on their own time line. No worries Momma!

Danie M 2 likes

Don't listen to other people, that's normal, millstone timelines are just an about, some are early some are later.. My daughter didn't crawl until 8.5 months where my son did at 7 months and some babies don't crawl, they just go straight to walking

Yolanda C 2 likes

Don't let everyone else get to you talk to your dr. My daughter never really crawled but she would pull herself up to stand. Then at 14 months she just started walking. My son on the other hand crawled around 8 or 9 months and started walking at 12 months. All kids are different, milestones will happen at their own pace. Good luck

Lish G 2 likes

Listen , there is nothing wrong with your baby ! Don't listen to other mom or even doctors when it comes to milestones. My daughter who is 2 was walking at 10 months ! My son however is 8 months now and doesn't crawl or walk. He JUST started rolling over. Every baby is different and will reach each milestone at THEIR own pace. There's just so mch you can do to help your little one. Good luck and just keep encouraging baby but don't force.

Kate L 1 like

I have 3 boys and none of them started crawling until around 10-11 months and they are perfectly heathy little crazy boys. Consider it a blessing, once they start moving its a whole other world :) Don't worry at all I'm sure your baby is just fine!!! If your concerned ask your pediatrician. But I wouldn't lose any sleep :)

amy s 2 likes

you should purchase the onesie that reads...my mom doesn't want your advice. seriously, people shouldn't be allowed to talk sometimes. your baby will crawl when they are ready. try your best to ignore.

Renee S 1 like

Most boys do pretty much everything later than girls. My son started to crawl at 8 1/2 months so I'm sure yours will soon.

Kayla B 2 likes

All babies are different; some don't even crawl at all. Don't worry!

Melissa K 1 like

Babies learn to do things in different stages, and actually some never crawl at all. Sounds like your LO may be one of the few who want to walk instead of crawl! Be patient and don't focus on crawling but instead stand him up and hold his fingers and walk behind him. Also invest in the vtech Sit to Stand Learning walker. Baby just pushes himself behind it and it lights up making all kinds of noise! Best investment in teaching my LO to walk!

Nicole W 1 like

My son is 6.5 months and just started crawling but my girlfriends daughter just turned one year and never army crawled! She just stood up and started to walk last week! Every baby hits milestones when their brains and bodies get on the same page! My brother never crawled either... He was a butt scooter! Just keep encouraging and tell any negative person that no two babies are alike and that you don't appreciate criticism. Good luck, momma bear!

Melissa K 0 likes

Read this article, it'll ease your mind. Stating that the average age for crawlers is actually 8-10 months! And tells you if your baby is too driven to learn crawling and instead ways to teach them walking. http://www.parents.com/baby/development/crawling/baby-physical-growth-delayed-crawling/

Marissa D 1 like

That's ridiculous! Don't listen to them. My son is 7 months & doing the same thing. All babies are different & reach milestones at different ages. He is perfect 😊

Blanka K 0 likes

All babies are different. Mine is 8 months old, loves to walk when you hold het hands still doesn't like to crawl. She just started doing that once or twice a day but she just doesn't want to so it. And we aren't forcing het either. Her pediatrician said this is OK, so I don't worry.

Kayla L 0 likes

Thank you all! I was so worried!

Skylar K 1 like

My daughter didn't crawl till 10 months, every baby is different!

Carrie W 1 like

Some babies don't crawl at all, they just start walking:)

Jose R 1 like

Crawling is not a milestone according to neuro pediatrics. Some kids skip crawling and that's ok. Is your baby able to sit down?

Kayla L 0 likes

Yes I can sit him up and he will stay up as long as he wants.

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