So the doctor had us switch from Similac Neosure to Enfamil Gentlease and I'm not liking it at all! The boys don't seem to ever be satisfied with it and it says it's suppose to help with fussiness, gas and crying. Since we have gradually switched over they have done nothing but cry more and be a lot more gassy!!! Why is this??!

JVP 1 like

Switch them back? How old are the boys?

Trista B 0 likes

Almost 10m. The Neosure has 22 calories as the new stuff is 20. They are preemies so that's why we've been on the Neosure. Dr says their poop has been more solid from being on the formula so long. Not sure if I buy that....twin B has been like that for a few months and I think it's because he's not getting enough water.

Paty C 1 like

Why not similac sensitive??? I have been giving it to my LO (7.2 months) and he is fine. Why switch from similac to Enfamil? That's weird. Similac is milk based. I like it better. My LO doesn't like Enfamil period.

Trista B 0 likes

I thought it was weird to switch too! I plan to call the dr tomorrow and I will suggest the Similac sensitive. Thanks for the advice!

Jackie L 1 like

My LO didn't like Gentleease either. She spit it up a lot. The gas was better though. I had can of Similac sensitive on hand so I am trying that. She was originally on Similac advance, then Enfamil Gentleease she spit it up and gave her a rash, now we are trying sensitive.

Caitlin V 1 like

Maybe try natures best or baby's only? They're organic and I've heard babies have a better time digesting them. Honestly, formula is kind of a guessing game, especially if they don't tolerate it well. With my first, we had to switch to soy.

Trista B 0 likes

Thanks mamas!

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