I switched my 2 month old to enfamil gentlease cause she seemed really fussy and gassy on similac and she seemed to do better on it but started pooping army green a lot and then sometimes pebble yellow tanish poops. It's also hard to get off her bum so she got a mean diaper rash that won't go away completely :( should I be worried..?

Christina C 1 like

Same situation here. I used 'a&d prevent' ointment w every diaper change. That helps w rash. As far as color: I have twin boys that eat the same formula at the same time and their poops are still different colors on occasion. Ped said, on formula, they can go every three days so as long as they go that's ok.

Christina C 2 likes

If the rash is really red and bothersome I use the desitin extra strength. It's typically almost gone by morning.

Christina N 0 likes

I was using desitin for every change and she still got the bad rash, I told the pediatrician and he said to try using a butt paste but that's not making it go away either!

Heather T 0 likes

My girl still gets bad rashes I found if you mix up what type if diaper rash cream you use it helps to. Even home remedies work just mix them up and go back to zinc cream. I also found putting baking powder in a bath with her then letting her not have a diaper for about an hour after would help so much with a bad rash

Kristi W 1 like

I had to let my lil air out and be sure they are dry b4 desiring it helped some. It'll go away if not maybe dr might prescribe some nystatin

Miranda T 0 likes

Could be a yeast like infection. Those happen when poop and pee combine and are a bitch to get rid of. My kids practically had perma rash and I tried everything. A month ago I bought Aveeno butt cream and both cleared up in less than 24 hours and have been good since. I put a little on after each diaper change.

Kristen G 0 likes

Corn starch is the best for diaper rash

Teri L 0 likes

My daughter pooped army green with gentlease and occasion streaks of yellow for breast milk

Felicia I 0 likes

The yellow pebbly poop is actually a good one, it basically shows that baby is getting all the nutrition she needs. As for the rash, try doing some diaper free time (it may be a little messy but it's worth it) Have you switched to a new diaper? My son had an allergic reaction to Huggies that caused a horrible rash (and he was only in it for about an hour) I found that a combination of diaper free time & aveeno oatmeal soak for the bottom was the best for rashes.

Felicia I 0 likes

If you are dealing with a yeast diaper rash, the way we go rid of it was with lots of diaper free time, aveeno baths & applying room temp plain (very low sugar) yogurt as a diaper cream before bed. Also if you can sunlight has been proven to work wonders on yeast diaper rashes

April M 0 likes

Yeast is common too and looks like a rash. My daughter got what I thought was a bad diaper rash but just wouldn't go away. At her check up doc said it was yeast and gave me a prescription. It was gone in two days. Also don't use baby powder it can make things worse.

Becky K 0 likes

Warm baths help. And zincofax with each diaper change

Kelly M 0 likes

I like the triple ointment for bad diaper rash. I started leaving soft wash cloths with the diapers and patted him down after every diaper change. Now I fan him with the new diaper which he thinks is hilarious.

Kelly M 0 likes

It could be the bottle you use I personally felt like the drop ins were the best

Janice B 0 likes

Bag balm is the best diaper cream I have ever tried it's made for cows but my baby's doctor told us to try it when we had to put our daughter on antibiotics and to keep a thin coat on them at all times. It sounds weird but truly works. You can buy it at local grocers like albertsons.

Aprilbaby 0 likes

Green and yellow are ok. However pebble means constipated and you need to talk to your pediatrician. Can cause I serious problem.

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