Formula question. My newbie is on enfamil gentlease. He's had problems pooping, today was the worst. It was so hard for him. It was like an adult poop. Is enfamil newborn a lite more gentle? Dr said give him pear juice too, which I did. I think it made him gassy. So I gave him gripe water. I feel so bad for my lo

Taylor S 1 like

When my lo had hard time pooping my doctor said to give him 15 ml of Apple juice and 15 ml water mixed together and after about two hrs he pooped

Jackie D 1 like

Poor baby and poor mom. My son had issues with formula at first too. We did lots of tummy massages and bicycle legs. We also used gas drops and gripe water when needed. It did get better with time and after we had tried a few different formulas (Similac was best for my boy) but I know it's hard to watch. If you don't feel he's doing better take him back to the doctor. Good luck momma!

Jenn S 0 likes

I've had to put put the thermometer up his butt to get him to start pooping. He's such a good easy baby it blows seeing him in pain. It's the only time he cries. When he's hungry he kind of whines and squeaks. Lol.

Tara D 0 likes

You could use some kind of lubrication to help it come out easier. I had to do that for my little one before we figured out he is lactose intolerant

Maribel A 0 likes

My LO went a few days without pooping when we first started going fully on formula. We started him on the Infamil newborn formula and we're trying out the gentle ease one now. Our pediatrician said they can go from 2-4 days without pooping sometimes. If he's really gassy we use gas drops and do bicycle exercises which usually unleash a lot of his poop. Good luck

Angelica V 1 like

Emfamil newborn is regular formula specially designed for babies up to 3 months (extra vitamins). Emfamil gentlease is for babies who have digestive issues. Switching from the gentlease to the newborn really won't help any. If you need him to poop then juice is your best bet. It may take awhile for your baby to poop even on the juice and gas is very normal for babies on gentlease as long as he's able to pass the gas, you'll know his digestive track is doing ok.

Stephanie W 0 likes

I add either prunes ( just a quarter teaspoonful) or dark karo syrup to my 1 mo olds bottle and now she is pooping just fine.

Tiffany E 0 likes

I use gerber gentle and haven't had any problems with him pooping

N 0 likes

Don't give juice. My Baby Girl got a nasty diaper rash. Like an acid burn. Just a little extra water 1 to 1 1/2 oz water in bottle. If you do it every other bottle you should be good. Good luck!!

Mely S 0 likes

Give him prune juice mix with formula.

Jenn S 0 likes

I hope he isn't lactose intolerant. I am and it sucks! I used pear juice because I couldn't find the baby prune juice. Pear juice always worked for my first son. He passes gas with no problem. I gave him gripe water in his last bottle. So far he seems happy. Sound asleep now. I hope pooping becomes easier soon.

Aubrey M 0 likes

I swear I'm not trying to scare you!!! My 5 year old COULDNT poop without straining ALOT until about 6 months ago. We finally took a random persons advice online; run a shallow, warm bath. Just enough to cover the anus plus a little, and slightly warmer than normal but not too hot for the baby- they will let you know of course if it's too hot for them :) let your LO play until they poop or start to release little bits. (Depending on age either allow to finish or move directly to toilet

Aubrey M 0 likes

To finish like a big kid :) it's gross and sucks at first. BUT- I swear it worked wonders. He would not go. He was fully potty trained but would literally choose to go hide and strain in his underwear than use the toilet because he had such big poops and it hurt. He wouldn't even strain in the tub and finally started asking "can you run me a poop bath"!! It was odd explaining to family when we were just visiting, but it worked and he is so much better for it!! Let me know if it works for you!!!

Jessica S 0 likes

Just like my son!!!! There's a huge difference between enfamil gentlease and similac sensitive. Try similac. Even though it's milk based, it's lactose free. Worked so much better for my baby. And if it works, then Sam's carries similac sensitive in their own brand. It works just as great and it's much cheaper.

Jessica S 0 likes

Also, buy Apple prune juice. Make your little one a bottle, half water half juice. Heat it up. That works wonders!!

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