Anybody here feel too self conscious to go to the gym by yourself? I've always been that way. My sister and I used to go together, but she lives in Alaska now. I stick mostly to running when I have a chance. I used to run every day before I had kids. I miss being in shape. I need a gym buddy.

Jacobs M 1 like

I'm the same way I would love to get back in shape but everytime I go to the gym I feel like everyone is staring and making fun

Nicole 1 like

I'm the same way!

Lily F 1 like

I love the gym! I never felt that way my SO is my gym buddy but we always went our separate ways once inside. Don't feel that way everyone that goes to the gym has one goal! And that's to be healthy! Just have a plan on what you're gonna do once you get there and who knows you'll end up making a gym friend.

Amanda G 1 like's just better when I have someone else that's motivating me to get my butt up and get to go to the gym. I'm house hunting atm and all the developments that I see that have a gym makes me more interested lol.

C M 1 like

Get a DVD workout program from Beachbody. There great and you don't have to leave your house!

L A 1 like

I always go with my husband. I hate to go alone. I just feel that I'm Idiot and lost on what to do by myself and make my self look like a bigger My husbands is a gym enthusiast so going with him I feel good because he is training me on what to do.

Judy V 0 likes

A gym buddy really helps and I need one too! I use to have a yoga buddy but we are not speaking anymore.

Melissa K 2 likes

Yes! I feel like everyone is watching me and I'm using the equipment wrong! So I stick to running as well!

Emily T 1 like

I prefer to go by myself....all my gym buddies always quit on me!

Linsi M 1 like

I'm way too self conscious & I don't even know anyone in my area lol. We have a home gym too, but I get too bored walking in the same spot (even with a tv). Hopefully, someday, it'll warm up & I can get outside & go for walks with my girls. Pushing 40lbs in a stroller has to count for something!

Jilly M 1 like

I'm the same that's why I just work out at home instead

Kim E 1 like

I go at night a lot when less busy. I have a bunch of workouts on my Pinterest page that I do when I get there. I start with cardio to get my heart rate up. Then do a workout. I think when you have a plan and focus on your workout you look less lost ;)

Adriel's Mama 1 like

I ! 🙋

Heidi 1 like

Find out when it's the least busy, you can ask the person at the front desk. At the gym I go to, they keep track of stuff like that. Then when I go I put headphones in and get in a zone where I don't even notice anyone else there. It deffinitely helps. If you are doing the elliptical or bike or walking on a treadmill, you can bring something to read or look at so you don't pay attention to the other people there.

Ethan's M 1 like

I was the same way but I decided to build some courage and go by myself! Now I actually like it better that way because I concentrate more on my work out

K M 1 like

I used to be so I started going with my husbad☺️ now I'm in great shape and go alone

Coryn P 1 like

We have a gym in base so there is no front desk person. It's open 24/7. I can't go with my hubby bc no one would be here to watch the babies.

Daisy S 1 like

Im the same way!! It holds me back from going honestly i dont like going alone!

immortelle 1 like

I'm too self conscious for it :( I don't even like going out of the house or leave work by myself :( just don't like people staring at me. And don't like being around peoples too much :) but if you ask people who know me they would tell you in an extrovert but it's not true :( all introvert here. I'm comfortable with very few people lol

K M 1 like

Ohh our gym had day care there for our daughter when I first started going.

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