Ellie M how's your baby ‘s foot doing ? What did you find out today ?

Ellie M 4 likes

Baby Girl you are so so kind. We ended up in ER. They we’re perplexed by it not sure what it was, so they drained the one puss pocket and prescribed some even stronger antibiotics. Baby boy is still asleep bt gonna goin shortly and check. Hoping it's making some progress in the right direction. That is so kind of you to check! Will keep y'all updated as I see how he's doing!

Baby G 2 likes

So glad they drained it and gave something stronger . Hope it helps him soon!

Ellie M 4 likes

It's making progress!!

Baby G 2 likes

Awesome ! That looks a lot better !!!!

Marina 0 likes

Thank God it's getting better!!!! His cute little foot!!! 🤗😍

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