*dont laugh* I love planning ahead & just looking at ideas- but my LO will be 1 December 21st- his name is Harbor- so I wanted to do a nautical theme birthday party- but it's winter & figure that would be weird. Any ideas on a first bday party in the winter for baby boy? We live in alabama so not too cold- but still. Not set in stone on anything, just love looking :)

JVP 1 like

Nautical with penguins, polar bear, etc! (:love the babies name!!!!

Amanda B 0 likes

Nautical could also include beach theme things! Crab sandboxes, beach pails, starfish, lighthouses etc, nautical stars (love them!)

Amy T 0 likes

My son's Bday is in December too! I wanted to do Tarzan but like you said it'll be cold πŸ˜” in gonna follow this question and see what everyone says. I would love to have a nice outdoor birthday.. I live in Texas and although it gets hot here our winters are very rainy and are still too cold to be outdoors.

Samantha T 1 like

You could still pull it off even in winter, I would def look at Pinterest. I get all kinds of inspiration from there, so many lovely ideas!

C L 0 likes

I think that's a great idea! You could still do the theme! People still fish and go boating in the winter time (in some places, or ice fish where I'm from πŸ˜„).

Kiegan's M 0 likes

I love nautical!! Who cares if it's winter! Go for it!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„βš“οΈβš“οΈβš“οΈ

I<3mybabyboy 1 like

Ok so I'm weird but every time my dad used to go out of town when we were young my mom would invite all our friends and we would have a "Mexican fiesta" where we would make tacos, salsa, dips etc. Sooo for my sons first bday (June 3rd) I am doing a Mexican fiesta theme with sombreros, morrocos, ponchos, etc. I already started collecting stuff and couldn't be more pumped haha. I love the nautical idea, who cares if it's winter :) I think it's cuter that it is winter to have some summer fun!

C B 0 likes

I did nautical theme at my baby shower it was cute!

Wallaby M 0 likes

I love the nautical idea!! And great name!

J B 0 likes

I'm totally laughing, your little one isn't even 4 months yet!! πŸ˜‰. Super cute idea, especially in winter. It will be a nice change from the cold, or you can add icicles

Terri G 0 likes

I live in Canada and its winter for at least 6 months here. We all rock different themes. Weather doesn't matter we just have to have it inside. I say do your theme.

La R 0 likes

Nautical and everything could be frozen over like melted snow for water and hot chocolate stuff like that...

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