Does weed have an affect on fertility?

Casey M 1 like

Seriously? It's no better then smoking cigs or drinking alcohol while your pregnant! It alters you mind and will alter your babies as well! Not worth it you can put it down for 9 months after that go for it. I'm not at all against smoking weed but when your pregnant its a no no just like alcohol and cigs ok just don't.

Tammy G 3 likes

Maybe for some people not for me! I got surprise twins lol

Michelle D 0 likes


Coryn P 0 likes

Not sure, but I would imagine it doesn't.

Skylar K 0 likes

Wasn't for me! It can cause men to be less fertile though. If you're struggling with infertility you should see a dr and find out if your partner is the infertile one! It lowers their sperm count Or makes their sperm less active.

Annie B 2 likes

I don't think so

Jennifer D 0 likes

One of my husbands friends smokes a lot of weed, him and his wife can't get pregnant. His sperm count is low I believe?

Perris D 0 likes

Not for me either! Or him for that matter. Lol

Paige P 0 likes

Not for me either, I also got a surprise set of twins!

Kelsie F 0 likes

Nope lol

Jennifer M 0 likes

Probably just as much as alcohol or cigarettes etc etc

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Sarah G 0 likes

i herd its really good and i herd ir also helps gaving more calm and happier babies if used while pregnant i havent done it myself thoe

Rebecca M 0 likes

My stepmom seemed to have no problem getting pregnant or during pregnancy. The woman smokes it like a freight train!!! My sister is now 14 and has no health problems and she's super smart!!!

Coryn P 0 likes

She said fertility, guys, not unborn baby. I doubt she's smoking while pregnant.

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