Does trader joes accept WIC?

Babygirl G 4 likes

Im sorry and this migjt be offensive i dont really mean it to be but if you can afford to shop at trader joes maybe you shouldnt be on wic


Wic is big on eating healthy you can use wic at trader joes! Even whole foods.

Momma O 4 likes

Agree with GNA! It's to keep mom and baby healthy

Mo D 6 likes

Smh that was so rude and mean..

Shadeara H 4 likes

If you know it's going to be offensive why even say it . Smh

Jessica P 5 likes

Well that made me feel like crap that I'm on wic. Thanks.

Bri A 6 likes

Keep opinions to yourself- And yes they do... Since I don't believe anyone answered your question.

Gaby G 2 likes

Ok I'll explain myself. I'm going camping with my mom which is free for me except im trying to pitch in as much as possible. I get tons of beans from WIC but my mom only wants them if they're organic. Is that ok with you? Baby G?

S L 2 likes

I agree with the above comments. Wic only allows certain items and a certain amount of the item to be bought. There is no cash value. Wic allows $10 of fruits/veggies to be bought so who know if that is what she planned to buy.

Gaby G 3 likes

Thanks everyone else! I'll go and try to get my stuff there

Gaby G 3 likes

Don't feel bad about WIC it's very helpful to us who appreciate it. And it's honestly not very much food. But WIC or good stamps Is nothing to be ashamed of


Don't feel bad your on wic! We were on wic and it help out a ton! Now we are wic free it really helped us in our time of need!!! No shame at all I boldly said I was using wic at the grocery store lol how else am I suppose to feed my daughter.

Babygirl G 0 likes

I obviously didnt mean to make anyone feel bad im sorry that i did

Desy H 2 likes

Omg I did not know that they except WIC! And I agree that was very ignorant. It has nothing to do with being able to afford shopping at trader joes....they give you specific items and an amount to stay under. It can be very helpful to families who can barley afford groceries.

Mo D 4 likes

You meant to say it ! you just mad cause everyone ganged up on you, but if nobody had said nothing to you , your opinion and views would have been the same.

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