Does second labor go fast. My first was 19 hours

Jessica 1 like

My second was much longer, first labor was 7 hours, second was 21 hours a d my third was 4 hours but I was induced with my third.

Abby S 1 like

Ah thanks are u preg Also? Just curious it's my 2 Nd

Christine L 1 like

My first was 36 hours. Second was 18 hours.

Sarah L 1 like

First was 22 hours, second was 3 hours!

Alison 0 likes

1st was 12 hours, 2nd 2 hours 😬

Megan A 0 likes

My first was 11 hours from when I started feeling contractions to pushing him out. My second was 1 hour for everything 😂😂

Lex 0 likes

I was induced around 7-8pm on 2/28 and had my second baby at 2:23am 3/1. I pushed for 7mins and she was out. With my first I was in labor for two days, pushing for hours, completely exhausted and almost had to get her vacuumed out.

Jessica 1 like

No I'm not pregnant lol just had my 3rd and last baby in December. She's 4 months now. My body can not take another child.

Kailey M 1 like

First was 36 hours. Second was 18. Induced with both

Ellie M 0 likes

Yes my second one once I started laboring was literally less than 7 pushes!

Raquel B 0 likes

They say it's about half the time, and that was true for me.

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