Does my lo have to drink whole milk?? I'm against the unhealthy hormones and all else in milk! Is there a healthier substitute?

Megan N 0 likes

I'm looking into almond or soy milk I also don't like cow milk and right now he's allergic to it where I can't have it while nursing him. I would ask you ped which milk would be a good substitute.

Momma B 0 likes

Is there a farm around where you live that you can get the milk straight from them so there aren't any of the hormones?

SSZ 0 likes

There is coconut, hemp, cashew and oat milk.

Jasmine P 0 likes

Silk Milk

Baby M 1 like

Almond milk

Rose E 2 likes

Almond milk is a great substitute, but definitely check with your pedi. At every pedi visit, I get a confirmation question that my son is on Vitamin D whole milk.

Mikkisha C 0 likes

Try grass-fed cows milk! Way better for LO and has more nutrients. I would stay away from soy milk there have been some alarming studies done.

Safia E 0 likes

Milk needs to be matter what for kids because it needs to remove the toxins from the milk. And you can buy organic milk that isn't coming from cows that are injected!!!

Samantha W 0 likes

I use organic Dha whole milk. It doesn't have all the added hormones

Perfectly M 0 likes

I would stay away from milk from animals. Goats, 'healthy' cow, etcetera. I think it's wrong. IMO that milk is made specifically for those animals babies. Our breastmilk is tailored to our babies, not grown men. Therefore I highly disapprove of drinking an animals milk. My daughter has always had almond milk, usually plain unsweetened vanilla but she loves it with a drop of Hershey chocoate too. I highly suggest that. Almond milk!!!! She's 20 mos been on it for a yr with no issues.

Kate J 0 likes

Organic milk!!

Melissa F 0 likes

Almond milk doesn't have enough fat in it. If you use that mix it with coconut milk. The stuff you buy in the store has unhealthy ingredients in it though too.

K W 0 likes

The reason for whole milk is the fat. From 1-2 years babies burn a lot of calories as they are soooo so busy. It's recommended until age 2.

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