Does it matter what books I read to my one year old? Can i read anything or does it have to be children's books?

Em's M 1 like

Id say anything you feel comfortable reading to your LO. It all helps build their vocabulary and understanding.

New M 1 like

Anything they are fascinated by your voice and the pages of the book <3 good for you momma!

Chelsea S 0 likes

Thanks:) i have been reading to him for about 6 months now but i was just wondering if i could read him regular books lol

Amanda K 1 like

Reading to a child period is a great way to help build vocab and stimulate their imagination. Keep it up mama!!

Sophie J 0 likes

Are you reading Shakespeare ?! Lol. Jk. I'd say little kids books with few words and that was u can point to the words as you read kids are visual learners. The more you do that the easier he will pick up reading and recognition.

Sarah J 1 like

Anything! Mix it up and keep it interesting

Everleigh's M 1 like

I would say a book with pictures in it, so your LO stays interested. But that's just my thought.

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