Does anyone take midol or pamprin for period symptoms? If so which one do you like best? I haven't taken either of these since I was a teenager. But I've been suffering from extreme bloating and severe cramps every month for the last 2yrs. I don't know why I make myself suffer but was thinking maybe it's time to try one of these again.

Nicole H 1 like

I prefer midol!

Babyboy15 1 like

I used to take midol until we found a birth control that eased the cramping. I would take 2 on the really bad days otherwise I would still feel like throwing up

Rebekah M 1 like

Pamprin always helped me when I took it. Look into raspberry leaf capsules too to help regulate periods and period symptoms.

Kay's M 1 like

I took midol as often as I could during the day and had started benadryl at night because midol just wasnt enough and I heard it would help. The benadryl made a huge difference with my cramps and bloating. I would take benadryl at night a few days before my period and when it started I didn't need the midol as much.

Megan R 1 like

Kay's Mommy I've never heard or thought of Benadryl for periods thanks I might just have to try it! And it will help me sleep lol

Natashia:Cinderella 1 like

I have taken both of them before and they both worked for me, I first tried midol and since it helped I always stuck with it, then one day I came across pamperine when I was out of midol and it was on sale so I decided to give it a try, it also helped me, so I'd say they worked the same for me

Ronnie R 1 like

Midol is my bestie when I'm on my period lol pamprin didn't do anything for me at all

Megan R 1 like

Thanks ladies! I bought some midol complete so I'll give it a try this time around. I don't know why I'm so stubborn and feel like I always have to suffer because the cramps are horrendous and bloating too. I used to take birth control and it helped a lot but after having my 2nd kid it seems my body doesnt like it anymore and I have crazy symptoms with the bc.

Ashley B 1 like

I always took midol

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