Does anyone know what happens if someone actually puts a complaint in about a doctor? I know it sounds stupid, but I feel as if I should. My first night in the hospital while at 24 weeks, having severe contractions every 4-6 minutes, the doctor told me my baby would have 20% chance of surviving if I were to go into full labor. I understand it's her job to warn me, but then she told me " don't get your hopes up on meeting your son, he probably won't make it" I feel as if she should NOT.. CONT

Haley < 1 like

Be working in that field and say something like that, then proceeds to tell me it Isnt a big deal since I'm only 18, I have plenty of time to reproduce. I can't get her words out of my head /:

Darcy C 5 likes

I would definitely report her. She was insensitive with her wording about the chances of your son surviving but the comment about disregarding this baby just because you're young and may have more is borderline cruel.

New M 4 likes

Yea that's inappropriate to me too

BoyMom 4 likes

Omg!!! Yes I would absolutely file a complaint with the hospital. That is absolutely unacceptable.

Emilie W 4 likes

I would complain I don't know what happens but I would write it everywhere! Heathgrades yelp everywhere so no one else has to go through that. I'm so sorry you had to. Good luck!! Stay positive ! I think it's really important for you to stay positive for you and your baby.

Haley < 2 likes

I'm going to call now, it's just starting to hit me super hard now that everything is going well, I'm rethinking everything that went on & she took it to far!

immortelle 4 likes

Yes that isn't appropriate. Doc needs soft skills training...a lot of it it sounds like!!!

Barbara H 3 likes

Ohh wow, im sorry that doctor said those things it was unprofessional of her part and that could cost her,her job. You can file a report on her anytime the sooner the better. Sorry to ask is your baby ok are u ok?

Mom Of 4 U 3 likes

Oh she went way too far. A woman telling another woman that? Maybe she don't have kids. Smh.

Haley < 5 likes

Thanks ladies! &I so far everything is okay, home as of yesterday evening, I'm being put on a medication for pre term labor. But the baby is healthy as ever!

C B 3 likes

Wow. Just wow. How insensitive.

Barbara H 3 likes

Thats good news, you need to rest rest rest, and hang in there.

Cryssy E 2 likes

O'wow I'm sorry you had to deal with someone like that. I wish you, your family and the LO the best. I pray that doctor learns how to talk to people.

Sammatha T 3 likes

Talk to the HR reps at the hospital! That is so inappropriate. I can't believe the nerve on the dr.

Danie M 4 likes

Sounds like my sisters ultrasound tech, she told my sister that her baby had trisomy 13 and had a 1% chance of survival but would most likely die in her stomach.. Baby turned out to be 100% healthy

Marina 3 likes

Def report her! Glad you and baby are ok. Find a new dr asap

Tiny C 3 likes

She not the main dr! GOD Is! YOUR BABY WILL MAKE IT&healthy ! will be praying for u :-) πŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ™

Caitlin V 4 likes

Unfortunately, this type of thing is really common, especially for young moms. I would complain everywhere I possibly could.

Diana F 4 likes

So so so unprofessional, I work in the medical field and I always make sure that professionalism comes first.. No matter the situation. Definitely file a complaint.

Patti T 2 likes

So glad you are both ok! I would say something - that's is TERRIBLE bedside manner. I can't believe a doctor would say those things 😒

Paola O 2 likes

that is so unacceptable! file a complaint!

Haley < 2 likes

I filed a complaint:) I feel better just doing so! She is just rude!

Mommaofkj j 2 likes

yep report her for sure to her manager and the hospital director or whoever u need to talk to

Elizabeth . 1 like

Unfortunately I had a similar experience... I still seethe about it to this day. It Makes me so mad that someone with the power to create positive energy chooses to be negative!!! Blech πŸ˜–

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