Does anyone know of any LEGITIMATE work from home jobs that don't require money up front? I'd prefer something with taxes being taken out but if anyone has any ideas of how I could make a little extra cash I'd appreciate it. It can only be something a FEW HOURS a week as I am expecting in a few months, have an 11 month old, go to school full time and I am a single mom. Any ideas are appreciated

Mom Of 2 5 likes

I feel like I've posted this on all the work from home post. Uhaul has a legit work from home job. You have to have high speed internet and be available during certain hours. You would be booking uhaul trucks for people all across the U.S. Check out uhaul website. It is a real position. I interviewed for it a year ago. The hours didn't fit my schedule but eve thing would have been done from my home computer!

Antoinette P 8 likes

Liveops is the company I work for. It's basically customer support for various companies. Only downfall is that since you are on the phone you can only work if your LO is quiet lol They require $65 for a background check but you can make that back in a week with barely working. It's perfect for SAHM because the shifts are 30 mins each all day and night and you schedule yourself 10 mins before the shift begins. You work as much or as little as you want. I haven't worked in 3 weeks lol

Heather J 1 like

Look into Melaleauca! It's an amazing line of products and it doesn't require any money upfront.

Isabella's Momma 1 like

Check out it's a site where companies or individual people post freelance jobs that are done from home. There a lot of different categories and jobs. The check the companies and people before they allow them to post a job.

Stay At Home M 2 likes

Start a baking business. Lol cookies n cakes online, if you like to bake :)

Lakin C 0 likes

Thanks ladies...neither one of those places is hiring in my area though :(

Yvonne A 0 likes

Def going to look into both websites! Only assembly jobs for home require a deposit..

Nata C 2 likes

I work from home as a web developer, as few other ppl in our company. There are testers. Who test web developers job against design and agreement with customer. You don't have to know anything about programming. You would make about 30k - 45k a year.

Isabella's Momma 0 likes

Natalia, how do I look into doing that?

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