Does anyone have suggestions with disciplining their 3-5 age children? If they make a mess and I ask them to clean it before we do something fun, I get hit or bit and the words, "I hate you!" Obviously when this happens, I say it's not nice and send them to their room for a few minutes. But...They come out after I talk with them and act the same way again. Help!!!

April M 1 like

I have this same problem too

Mandy S 4 likes

I've been bagging up toys and hiding them. My 3 just about 4year old has been a stinker lately. Won't clean up his toys so I told him if he's not going to clean them up then I'm throwing them away. I've done this twice and now there's no arguing or fits when I tell him to pick up his toys.

Heather G 3 likes

Look up love and logic they have great advice to help children out. Taking their toys away for failure to clean up is part of love and logic.

Amanda W 3 likes

I also tell my almost 3 and 5 yr old if they do not pick up their toys then they will be thrown in the trash or donated. Some children work better with praise than ultimatums. You could tell your child if he cleans his room than he gets to pick the board game for game night. (Whatever motivates your child). It hurts when your child yells and says he hates you, but you are not there to be his friend. You are the parent. Praying has always helped too. God knows my child better than I do. :-)

Mommy T 1 like

Sometimes the room is just as much fun. My boyfriends aunt used to make her kids sit on the bathroom floor so they had nothing to play with. Bagging up toys is a good idea too! And make sure you're consistent.

Barbara H 3 likes

Consistent disciple, and spank? If my children ever said that to me they would certainly get a spanking and time alone to think about it. And I would continue that until the behavior stopped, with more severe punishment if there was no change after a couple days.

Ashley H 3 likes

Stay consistent! Make it a game. You pick up a toy, then it's their turn to pick something else up. Or see who can pick up the most, the quickest. I've seen things on Pinterest that all things not picked up before a timer goes off, go into a basket. They have to do a "chore" before getting one thing they choose back. Each "extra" thing they do to help, or use manners independently, etc, then they get a toy back.

Lauren @ 1 like

Similar to the bagging technique, I have a friend who created a "Mr. Butler" that comes and takes the toys away. Then they have to actually earn them back.

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