Does anyone have suggestions on what I can put on my daughters neck? It looks pretty red and raw in the folds of her neck. I'm wondering if diaper rash ointment might work? She is 3 months.

Amy T 1 like

I'm not sure but maybe Vaseline it could be chapped

Cassie R 1 like

That ^ or an ezama cream maybe

Bethany C 2 likes

Are they stinky too? My baby's would get like that from milk dripping down and the skin folds getting moist. Nightly baths and using a blowdryer on low to make sure she was clean and dry helped a lot. Also dusting them with cornstarch helped too.

Gaby C 1 like

Does it have a smell to it? My LO has a red neck too the doctor told me to just put some baby powder because that is where they most sweat. But if seems like there is fluid there and looking way to red and raw it could be a yeast infection. That's what I was told by the pediatrician.

Michaela C 2 likes

My daughter has eczema and my doctor recommended hydrocortisone cream. It has definitely helped! Relieves itches and rashes due to a lot of things!

Kaley S 1 like

Yes either of the above! It's usually from not drying her neck after a bath, it gets chapped and raw if left wet! No biggie, it happened to my LO a bunch when she was a newborn.. Her neck is too squished together!

Alyson ? 1 like

My daughter just went through this! I used aquafor healing ointment and it cleared up in just a few days!

Roro L 1 like

Vaseline is safe if it doesn't help ask a pharmacist

Janae J 1 like

Destin !!!! Works wonders for droolers

Amy T 1 like

My baby had that from breastmilk getting caught in the folds and when I would clean it, it would dry out and then it got super red. When I bathe him, I clean it very well and then get a cotton ball and put a little baby oil on it then run it along his neck. It seems to be working for me because the area is getting moisturized and his neck isn't chaffing as much

Roro L 2 likes

Yes corn starch help

Savina G 1 like

Baby powder or cornstarch and keep dry as much as possible

Pretty Me L 1 like

You gotta keep it as clean and as dry as u can but I use to put diaper rash cream on mines but not a lot cuz it hurts them

Catherine C 1 like

Could be a sweat rash. Dry cleaning the area real well and dry it well too and maybe use some Penaten

Stephanie B 2 likes

Cornstarch, try to keep it as clean and dry as possible

Brooke B 1 like

My daughter does the exact thing, it's from the breastmilk dripping down into her little fat roles. I would clean with soap and water and make sure I dabbed it dry real good. Then I would put a little baby powder on the area. It clears hers up in about a day or so.

Heidi 1 like

Lotromin works amazing!!!

Brooke J 1 like

My 3 mo old has this as well. I put butt cream (a tiny bit) and it help. Make sure you clean any milk that's in the folds. But don't over wash or over wipe, it may irritate it more. And the most important thing is make sure it dry. Dry after you wash really good and even dry it if you use a wipe.

Ana E 1 like

If the skin is breaking I would either take a pic and send to doc or make appt. just want to make sure baby is not in pain, doesn't get infected etc.

K M 2 likes

Yeast infection, try coconut oil

Marisa C 1 like

I was having the same problem except it smelled I tried everything. My doctor recommended over the counter zinc oxide ointment it works like a charm good luck!

ChasAnn M 1 like

If your breastfeeding put your breast milk on it

ChasAnn M 2 likes

Breastmilk has so many healing agents in it. I used it for drops in my baby's eye, ear and rash. Heals like a charm. Even put it in my dogs ear when he had and ear infection. Healed in 24 hrs! 😊😊

Marina's M 1 like

Coconut oil!

Linsi M 1 like

It could be from moisture (drooling, spitting up, etc). Make sure to dry the area well & my pediatrician told me to put a thin layer of hydrocortisone on it. It has worked well on my daughter. Good luck

Mommy Again 1 like

Vagisil! The stuff you use for yeast infections. Mine had a yeast infection under her neck... It worked wonders

Erica C 0 likes

Thank you everyone! This is very helpful!

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