Does anyone have experience With Gestational diabetes? I failed my first sugar test and I’m freaking out and trying to prepare

Marina 1 like

Don’t freak out. I failed my 1hr test both babies and passed the 3hr test both times. Start eating oatmeal daily to stabilize your blood sugar

Mel Marie 1 like

Marina i failed the 3 hour too. I'm Already a terrible eater (I can eat 2 times a day for example) and not sure where to go from here as I STILL can't Get the appointment For the diabetic Counselor ugh.

Marina 0 likes

Oh no i’m sorry. Hopefully You can get the appt soon!

Julie M 1 like

Mel Marie try portion control. Try and cut the crabs in half and increase protein and veggies. Try to eat three meals and small snacks in between. That helped me. At least until you can see a nutritionist and get a monitor for your blood sugar

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