Does anyone have any fun birthday party ideas for a boy turning 7? We've had 2 park parties, and 2 at Chuck E Cheese. I was thinking maybe a bowling party but that's a bit pricey for the package deals. Any other ideas ladies?

Ashlee C 0 likes

The park, a neighborhood pool, bouncy house, a baseball game, bowling alley

Heather S 0 likes

BBQ with games, comic book party (or super hero), pool party, local zoo picnic, what's he in to?

Ashlee C 0 likes

A firehouse station! Boys love that sort of stuff

Stacy H 0 likes

Roller skating

Jennifer C 0 likes

I happen to live near a roller skating rink and two of my three boys have had parties there. Cheap and easy.

Linsie S 0 likes

You can do a Minecraft themed party with games. There are lots of great ideas for the food and games on Pinterest. I know my boys love Minecraft.

Lisa M 0 likes

Ice skating? That's always COOL in the Summer time.

Ezra's M 0 likes

My 6 year old nephew is turning 7 in a few weeks and his party will be Pokemon themed. Last year for his 6th birthday party my sister in law got animals to come to the house as a fun little petting zoo and the kids loved it. I'm not sure how much that costs.

Lizzy B 0 likes

Wel i dont really know but make sure there are lots of games and prizes!

Damara C 0 likes

Neighborhood pool

Lego M 1 like

We had a Bouncy house set up at our house last year. Wasn't that pricey. As a matter of fact, all the kids being exhausted afterwards was worth it!! Priceless!!!!!

Iliana C 0 likes

Pool party or bouncy house

Nickey D 0 likes

I just went to a boys get dirty party....and man did they!!! They had an inflatable pool filled with mud and have them all squirt guns and water balloons. I personally am way too OCD to have a party like that but the kids LOVED it

Junice M 0 likes

My cousin's son's birthday was a Bouncey house party with water or Sprinkler on by the bouncy house.

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