Does anyone have any advice on doing a gradual transition from breast feeding to formula feeding? My friend has a 3 week old, exclusively bf, and doing great but mom is in absolute agony. Mastitis and fever and really awful blisters on her nipples. She wants to think about supplementing but feels guilty and doesn't really know where to start. She's pumping some now and LO does really well with a bottle. It's hard to give advice to her bc I wasn't able to bf so I don't really understand.

Jordan C 2 likes

The first few weeks are the hardest. Is there a lactation consultant that maybe she can talk with?

Angela K 0 likes

Do things get better if she pumps? I understand the guilt. I stopped breastfeeding around 9 months because I needed to take a medication that I couldn't take while breastfeeding and I felt sooo guilty. But ultimately you have to do what's best for your family. If she's feeling awful from having mastitis she can't give 100% to baby and if formula helps her feel better, baby will feel better too! :)

Nicole D 0 likes

She can always supplement now and return to breast feeding or just pumping when her breasts have recovered. Or she can stop all together and go to formula and everything will be just fine. The baby is still getting nutrients and love.

Nicole D 0 likes

For transitioning I mixed breast milk with formula with my daughter. I started with 3/4 breast milk and 1/4 formula and gradually advanced her until she accepted 100% formula.

Jackie L 0 likes

Has she tried Nipple shield? I know a few Breast Feeding moms that swear they are a life saver. Also nipple butter.

Happy M 1 like

That's identical to my story. I had mastitis and scabs that never would heal. It was awful. I exclusively pumped instead. I got to heal and baby got breast milk. I suggest she try that before formula. I still felt guilty but not as bad and eventually I felt proud i did the best I could.

Mama J 1 like

My sons pediatrician prescribed me a mixed compound I used after each feeding (totally safe for the baby) and I noticed my nipples healed within a few days. It was a godsend!! I remember I used to scream the first couple of weeks whenever he latched on. It does get better though now I actually enjoy it!! I hope she gets some help with bf and things work out in the end!!

Happy M 0 likes

Oh and if she isn't making enough yet, just mix up some formula then add the breast milk to a bottle . (Breast milk shouldn't be shook) So if baby needs 4oz and she only has 3 bm oz....make 1oz formula then add 3 breast milk oz. My baby took to that really well while I was behind.

jesse c 0 likes

so I was the same way after three weeks and I purchased supplemental formula and pumped . tell her not to feel guilty I was the same and my pediatrician told me thousands of babies have grown up just fine on formula. My son is doing great!

Ronnie R 1 like

Same thing happened to me exactly :/ my son is almost a month old and had to get formula because I just couldn't stand BFing anymore. What I did, I had a TON of frozen milk from before I got sick, during the day he was given breast milk and at night he got formula. Honestly if she has no milk, if she just gives him formula LO doesn't exactly have a choice and will most likely just take formula. As for feeling guilty Im afraid I'm not much help, I'm still struggling with that myself 😞💜

Jessica M 0 likes

Thank you all so much, everyone had great advice. I think pumping is a little better for her and Ronnie I like your idea of doing breast milk during the day and formula at night. I'll pass the advice on to her, thanks mamas!

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