Does anyone else have a ridiculously whiney baby?? My 18m old is ALWAYS whining about something unless she's being held or played with. Oh, and forget a good nights sleep. She cries for an hour in her crib, then wakes up at 3 doing the same thing- but immediately stops when she's picked up and rocked or put in bed with us. I'm at my wits end. It's constant crying/whining/screaming from sun up to sun down.

Erin B 1 like

My son did that at that age, he eventually stopped. I hope she grows out of it. I would ask mine what's wrong and he would whine. I wouldn't tell him that it's not nice and I would sit down and play with him. Sometimes it worked sometimes he would even whine then

Jenny O 3 likes

My LO just turned a year and is quite whiny. I need to stay on the floor with him to play. If I get up he whines and crawls after me and then tries to climb up me. As for sleeping, we hired a sleep consultant and it worked out so well. He sleeps 12 hours a night In his crib with no wakings and takes his naps during the day. Her name is Holly from Weesleep. I know she offers free 15 minute consultations. Maybe she could give some tips.

MadMax M 1 like

My son was the same way and I'm sorry to say but he's 26 months now and it hasn't really changed at all. Most days I want to pull my hair out because he never stops. We do occasionally have good days, I learned just to deal with it or turn on bubble guppies for him.

Michelle W 2 likes

18 months was bad at our house. They know what they want and have a hard time articulating it. We are getting better at 23 months but I had a few crawling up the walls moments. I always told her to use her words and that Mommy loves her but I dont listen to whining. I would help her figure out the words she wanted(sometimes that wasnt possible lol) and go from there

MadMax M 1 like

Jenny, weesleep looks awesome!! It's so expensive tho!! I just had another baby and now my 2 year old screams bloody murder every time I try to put him down to sleep. He demands to sleep with my hubby and I and for some reason he wakes up at 6am everyday!!!!!!! I get up with the baby all thru the night and then have to get up at 6am. Lol, maybe the money is worth getting the help!

Carissa O 0 likes

Jenny how do I get in touch??

Carissa O 0 likes

My daughter who won't sleeps name is Holly πŸ˜‚ ironic

Jenny O 0 likes She does offer free 15 minute consultations so you could maybe do that and then see if it's something you are interested in. For me personally it was one of the best investments I've ever made.

Jenny O 1 like

Yah, It was an investment for sure but she has a pretty awesome guarantee and since sleep training I haven't had any regressions. I can go out and do stuff and it doesn't interfere with his sleep so it was the best money I've spent for sanity lol

Carissa O 0 likes

I went to but nothing came up about sleep training.

Jenny O 1 like :)

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