Does anyone else feel jealous of your husband because he gets to get a good nights sleep and doesn't have a baby attached to him 24/7 and can run errands without a crying baby? I know it's not his fault but I almost have like a resentment towards him and it's putting a strain on our marriage. I've tried not to think like that but I can't help it sometimes.

Tasha W 0 likes

I thought I was the only one who feels this way. I haven't been able to stop myself from feeling this way. At first I had resentment now I don't know what it is except I am Always pissed that he doesn't have to put up with everything I have to.

M. S 1 like

Ok I must say I thought like this once!! My hubby works shift work and I am a SAHM!!! I felt like when he left work his job was done but mine was 24/7!! He helps out with the boys a lot but I couldn't even pee without an audience!!! It is just our way of thinking I guess!!! Ask hubby for some you time!!! You don't even need to spend $ bubble baths, or even catching up on your fav tv show!!! Good luck and just talk to your man he will understand!!! Keep us posted

Ashley R 1 like

Yes it's normal but I find of u learn to not compare and slowly say baby running to the store be right back can I get u something if they say are you taking the kids I'll say she missed u all day love on her I'll be back in 5 everything is in the bag & smile it didn't always work. Slowly he gained confidence 2 stay alone with the kids we have 5 so even with the 9 month old it wasn't new but their still nervous. And for sleep communicate & say Hun I'm stretched thin can you get the next 2 nights

Franchesca F 0 likes

Yes I feel the same way. Bc Im with LO 24/7 and hardly get no sleep. So I get aggravated and frustrated with my husband. Sometimes its a hassle to get him to help out!

francis h 0 likes

I felt the same when my first born was young. He would get to go out do stuff while I was home. It got bad when I tried to get her use to bottle and she wouldn't take it. he didn't even want to make and effort and I felt it was so he could go out by himself. I hope you get throught it I know its hard but communication is key just like the comment before me says and the way you say it too. good luck

Em L 1 like

Yes, I totally feel that way all the time, even when I need to step out for a bit, it's alway on his time. I miss just going to where I need to without the worry. But I had I talk with him and he has stepped up. But of course with children it's never easy! Take to your husband, you need time to yourself too!

Em L 0 likes


Erin H 1 like

You aren't alone. I'm with my 24/7 as well even have her on a bottle. I've gotten to the point once my hubby walks in and changes out of his suit I hand her off to him. He sometimes says how tire he is and how he needs a vacation and I just give him a look and he is quiet. Men don't get it sometimes. Just talk to him about it and give him the LO and say I'm running out to target for a while.

Kimberly G 0 likes

Most definitely! My resentment is a little different though. I FINALLY coordinated schedules with my best friends to do dinner next Friday night and my hubby is all pissed off because the daycare is closed that day so he has to watch the baby all day and then watch him all night. Oh the tragedy!! I don't feel bad for him AT ALL but it unfortunately will affect my ability to go out and finally enjoy myself with my friends.

Rachel R 0 likes

I feel that way sometimes but my fiancé helps me out a lot with our son. He works from 10am - 6:30pm when he comes home he takes our son for a nice long walk. I bathe him then he puts him to sleep so we compromise which makes it a lot easier for both of us. I let him sleep in the morning and I let him sleep in on his days off and he washes bottles, does laundry and spends as much time with our son as possible.

Amber R 1 like

Girl I think all moms feel that way at some point. And then when they complain about being tired, that's the worst haha. But I think husbands also feel resentment and jealousy of our new babies, so I guess resentment and jealousy goes around to all involved.

Tee M 0 likes

With my 1st I did it all my husbands a great father but us as mother seen to take control when it comes to our children. I learned to let go a little when I need to run errands I leave without baby, it's a break for me and bonding time for him. If I want to take the baby I will but I don't have to and he learned that early on with our 4 month old

Jessica'sMom 1 like

Yes, I do get that. Sometimes even mad at him for sleeping so soundly while I'm awake, very exhausted and tired while nursing baby. It is normal :) but it will pass :) just talk to him and be open about it and maybe he can even try and help out what he can when you need the help :)

Micah W 0 likes

All the time :( I can't wait til I can sleep again!

Em A 0 likes

We are renovating our new house also and so not only am I taking care of the baby I am taking care of the house we are living in now, making sure food is on the table, running errands, making bunch of phone calls, taking care of my stepson who is 8 and going through an "I don't care" phase, and he wants me to go help out at our new house. He doesn't understand that his day gets to end and he doesn't have to worry. My day hasn't ended since the baby was born and I get exhausted at times.

Em A 0 likes

I'm glad to see it's not just me.

Stacie C 0 likes

I felt like that a lot when ours was first born, but my husband started taking her grocery shopping or to run errands with him! This gives me time to chill at home alone or do stuff uninterrupted and he likes it because he gets one on one time with our LO!

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